Spoiler Chat: Will Kyle MacLachlan Die on Desperate Housewives? Get the Answer!

Plus, get some goodies on Gossip Girl and what the heck is going on with Lost

By Kristin Dos Santos Nov 24, 2009 12:30 AMTags
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Question: If nearly every fan out there thinks you're going to be killed off of a hit television show, what do you do?

You talk to E! about it, naturally!

At least, that's what Kyle MacLachlan chose to do after rumors started swirling that he will be the "fan favorite" who will die in a fiery plane crash on Desperate Housewives.

So is his character Orson (Mr. Marcia Cross) going six feet under? We already reported that—Spoiler Alert!—he and Bree (Marcia) will be trapped inside their house. Hmmm...

Oh, and what's the latest on Glee and Gossip Girl?

Could Betty (America Ferrera) be pregnant?

And seriously, what the bejeezus is up with Lost?

We have it all in the latest roundup of exclusive TV scoop...

Frankie in Atlanta: I've figured it out. It's Orson who is going to die on Desperate Housewives, right?

Stand by while Kyle MacLachlan grabs the mic to tell you: "You heard it here first! I make it through and will be returning to the show." Can I get a woot-woot? MacLachlan told us this news at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, confirming that Orson will survive the much-buzzed-about plane crash that, according to my in-house frenemy, leaves five characters dead. So what, you may ask, is that bloody golf ball doing in the middle of Orson's forehead in the photo above? Well, would you be super annoyed if I confessed that it's a Halloween pic from 2007 that I sorta kinda thought would be hilarious to post with the item just for poops and giggles? If so, I did no such thing and there's a "secret" (wink, wink) meaning to the photo.

Jennifer in St. Louis: When does Vampire Diaries come back on with new episodes? I assume after last week's cliffhanger that it might be a while?
We have to wait until Jan. 14 for new episodes of The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural on the CW—that's almost two whole months! Eeek! What other shows do you guys want return dates for? Tell us in the comments and we'll get you answers.

Anne in Austin, Texas: When the New York Fashion Week event happened that featured the Project Runway finalists who were in limbo, I recall seeing press that only Heidi came out because obviously they didn't want to reveal the top three. I was very confused last night when it had footage of them coming out. Did they do two shows? Like one for the public and press and one for family and people that they made sign a release form?
Yep, they shot the Fashion Week introductions twice! Once in public with just Heidi Klum and once early in the morning with the three finalist designers, before the crowds arrived, and then they sneakily spliced the two shoots together to make it look like Irina and friends were speaking to the assembled audience. Tim Gunn explained it all to the Los Angeles Times, saying, "Owing to the fact that we couldn't reveal to the audience who the finalists were, we wanted to tape their introduction before the audience came in. We had to do a prefashion show, and we taped the whole thing. Through the miracles of editing, it's going to look as though the designers are speaking to the audience, but there isn't one."

Matt in Montclair, Calif.: Is Southland really that good? Should I give it a shot on TNT?
We say yes, and so does Ben McKenzie: "People just need to watch it, and after 15 minutes, you'll decide whether you like it or not. If you're into a sort of grittier, darker cop show without the sheen that a lot of networks put on their shows, you'll like it. It's very character driven, it's hard-hitting, there's a lot of action, but there's also some romance, so it's a real show you can follow week to week." And maybe if you start watching, TNT will take note and order up some more episodes (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).


Lindsey M.: What's going on with 10 Things I Hate About You? Will it be back, or is it over?
1. We broke the news earlier this year that 10 Things I Hate About You has definitely been renewed for another 10 episodes. Yay!

2. The bad news is that we have reliable information that the new episodes won't premiere in January as was originally hoped. ABC Family is creating a three-hour block of one-hour shows on Mondays (Secret Life, Make It or Break It, Greek) that doesn't leave a lot of time or attention for little half-hour 10 Things, so it won't premiere until later in 2010. (For that matter, 10 Things doesn't go back into production until December, so it wouldn't be ready in January anyway.)

3. For you fans of Kat and Patrick, you should know that one of the early episodes next year probably includes a new man in Kat's life. Don't panic, though—as far as we can see, new guy is kind of like Team Jacob. This new fella is a complication, but he's not really genuine competition for Patrick.

Melanie in Las Vegas: Is Psych doing a Christmas episode this year?
No, sorry, they did a Halloween episode instead this year. And while we've got you here, all you Psych fans will be happy to know that USA announced today that it has renewed Psych for a fifth season, set to premiere next summer. Yay!

Francesca in New York City: Is it just me or is the so-called "golden couple" Nathan and Mollee the most irritating twosome in the history of SYTYCD? The judges protected them unfairly last week, and I just don't see the attraction!
I, myself, have absolutely no opinion on Nathan and Mollee, but you're right that the judges do seem to favor them. We talked to exec producer Nigel Lythgoe last week and he told us, "We didn't know why Mollee and Nathan were in the bottom three. I think there was a little backlash from last week and maybe Nathan's [video] package where he made himself out to be the kid who always got whatever he wanted. They need to be very careful how they portray themselves." What do you guys think? Are the judges deluded about Nathan and Mollee's appeal? Was last week just a temporary "backlash" or do you not like those two in general?

Silva in Buckhannon, W.V.: It seems so random that Daniel and Rebecca from The Biggest Loser are dating! I thought they hated each other.
We were surprised, too! It almost seemed like a publicity stunt, but we can assure you it's the real deal. When we chatted with Rebecca after she got the boot, she explained how she and Daniel went from enemies to sweethearts: "Daniel and I started getting close around week three. We would just go for long walks. The show didn't really pick it up because it was mostly after hours. It wasn't for the cameras." What do you think about this Loser romance? Do the lovebirds remind you of Matt and Suzy from season two?


JasonBuskin via Twitter: Lost premiere is Groundhog Day. Coincidence?
Nope! I'm told it was fully intentional. Not so much by Lost's producers but by the higher-ups (Steve McPherson) at ABC. Pretty awesome, right?

Annie B.: I don't care about alt Lost where Sawyer and Kate apparently do cross paths. Do you have any info about Sawyer/Kate on the Island, or are they doomed in the present time line (with Suliet and Jate still going strong)?
I know Team Darlton referred to "killing off" Juliet in their latest interview with People, but you've probably figured out by now that we'll see her alive somehow, which my source confirms. Hence, her guest spots in a few episodes on the sixth season.  

Darrell in New Jersey: It's almost December already! Lost, please!
Honestly, guys, I'm so freaking confused right now because my rock-solid source is telling me two things that seem to contradict each other. I know most of you have heard about the "alt Lost" this season (see question above), and so have I. But I'm also told that the thing that I'm pretty sure needs to happen for "alt Lost" to happen does not happen. So until I know more (hopefully soon), I'm keeping my mouth shut and sending a magical little Pac-Man head to come and eat all the words I just wrote. Go, Pac-Man, go! Quick! In the meantime, if you have any good theories, post 'em below, will ya?

Giovanni Rufino / The CW

Monica in New Orleans: Anything good coming up on Gossip Girl?
Chuck is going to visit Bart's grave on the anniversary of his death, and when he gets there, he won't be the only one paying his respects. Any guesses on who'll pop up? I'm hearing that not one but two family members could be making surprising returns.

Drew in Tallahassee, Fla.: Heather Locklear ruled on Melrose Place! What's next? Is she around for long?
She's in seven episodes and will only miss one ep for the remainder of the season. I'm also told that David is going to get caught robbing a house by the owner's hot daughter.

Brianna: How about something on One Tree Hill? Anything juicy?
How's this: A source tells me Haley and Quinn's sister Taylor is going to come back to Tree Hill.

Cian33: 90210 is so much better this year! I hope you are watching. What can you dish?
Agreed! It is way better than season one, in case any of you are missing it. I'm told there's a sex scandal in the works: Naomi is going to accuse a teacher of sexual harassment.

Will in Braintree, Mass.: When can we expect Rebecca's baby to be born on Brothers & Sisters? Before the end of this season? Or next season?
Sadly, no comment. Emphasis on the sadly. And for the record, ABC, you are making me way sad with your B&S and D.H. baby storylines! Sad, sad, sad. Did I mention the word sad yet?

Rebecca: Anything good coming up on Ugly Betty?
I'm hearing one of the Suarez sisters is going to be pregnant! My money's on Hilda. Although Betty does already have at least one bump-concealing poncho?

Wendall in Orlando, Fla.: Thanks for the scoop on Betty's possible ending. Go Team Henry! Do you know if it's Amanda or Betty who's going to get Matt?
I'm told he'll make his choice in the Bahamas in next week's episode, and then—he'll be off the show four episodes later. So it seems they both lose in the end! 

Keri in Poway, Calif.: V, please.
Ahoy, fellow Powegian! We just chatted up the lovely Laura Vandervoort, aka Anna's daughter Lisa, and she is good with the keeping of secrets! Because of those damn Winter Olympics: "We haven't gone beyond the first four episodes," said Laura. Having said that, we did have some fun with the starlet trying to guess what might be coming up on V. "I'd like to think Lisa's unsure of her mother's plans and they're really there for peace," Laura teased. "Then she'll fall for Tyler and go off with the humans and revolt against her mother." And tomorrow, Lisa tells mommie dearest that Tyler is "the one," but she promised, "Nobody knows what 'the one' means, not even me." Hmph.

Carin Baer/FOX

Olivia in Westchester, N.Y.: Do you know what song Eve is going to sing when she guest stars on Glee this week?
"I won't be singing at all actually," Eve spilled to us this morning. "I'm just kind of like a choir director." Apparently her character, who works at a reform school, brings her girls to William McKinley High for a competition and "they do this bootylicious number, which blows the competition away," she said. This sounds like an evil plot by Sue Sylvester. How do you think the glee club survives the attack this time?

Marie in Connecticut: I can't believe how much people like Puck and Rachel, or even Rachel and Finn, on Glee. Boring! Let's hear about Artie and Tina.
Don't you mean "Team Artina?" That's what real-life besties Jenna Ushkowitz and Kevin McHale are calling their adorkable TV counterparts—and we love this new celeb couple moniker. "I'm totally rooting for Team Artina," Jenna told us. Sadly, Gleeks, the 2009 season is coming to a close and new episodes don't even start filming until January, but Jenna said it will be worth the wait. "We hope to see things wrap up a little more, and we may go home with some characters," she said. "I'd love to see where Mercedes comes from." At least we can be thankful for our preholiday Madonna fix, courtesy of our favorite glee club.

Alexandra in South Dakota: Anything on Grey's Anatomy?
You know how there are often parallels between the storylines for Grey's Anatomy doctors and what their patients are going through? Well, we're a little worried about an upcoming episode where it seems producers are taking a page from an old Nip/Tuck episode: The anesthesia doesn't work on a patient and she wakes up during her surgery and is conscious through terrible agonies of pain. Eeek! (In happier news, by popular demand, we have added Mark and Lexie to our TV Couples We Love gallery. Enjoy!)

Mia in St. George, Utah: What's happening on The Mentalist?
We're about to learn more about Jane's past in the next few episodes (and any excuse to see more Simon Baker is A-OK with us). "Jane is enjoying having a little bit of power; he likes to play with people," Owain Yeoman told us, "so we're gonna see him exercising some 'I might know what's going on' license. But it's strictly against the rules, so it's something we fighting to keep secret." Sounds almost as juicy as the romance a-brewin' between Rigsby and Van Pelt: "There's plenty of paranoia that the boss lady and anybody else within the CBI is gonna find out, but we don't know if Lisbon knows," said Amanda Righetti.


John in Laughlin, Nev.: I hope everything is all right with Courteney Cox. Is anything coming up on the Cougar Town episodes that has already been filmed?
In case you missed it, we broke the news that Cougar Town will be back in production next Monday, so it seems things are on the mend. (Busy Phillips confirmed our report via Twitter, BTW.) Meanwhile, it's smooth sailing ahead for Andy and Ellie on Cougar Town, says Ian Gomez—well, sorta. "We may be a happier family now, but there's tension with me and Grayson and with my wife coming up, and I'm gonna start some sort of fight with someone else," he told us. Also, look for some bonding time between Andy and Jules' son. "I'm taking young Travis under my wing and playing another father figure to him."

Trevor in Wrightwood, Calif.: What about Lisa Kudrow's Cougar Town episode?
Are you as excited as we are to see the mini-Friends reunion? Well, so is Lisa! "It was so fun," she told us. "Courteney [Cox] is great. She's really smart; she just knows what she's doing." As for her character, our guess is that Jules is looking into some high-tech antiaging skin treatment—although she probably won't end up with much. "I play a dermatologist who doesn't do anything," says Lisa.   

Marcus in Miami: I love Phil and Claire on Modern Family. What hijinks are they up to?
Ty Burrell
(Phil) just told us all about the final episode of this year, and it sounds as hilarious and heartwarming as all of the others. "The last episode was by [show runner] Steve Levitan, and it's about everybody's capacity for change. Jay's capacity to accept Mitch and Cam's relationship. Can Cam change and become more assertive? Claire is horrible with technology; can she learn to live in a technological world?"

Jenna in Pittsburgh: I can't wait for the new season of The Secret Life of an American Teenager to start.
Ditto. And it sounds saucy! The Secret Life's Megan Park (Grace) tells us that this season is racier than ever: "Grace starts a club called 'Just Say Me,' about not having sex with other people, having sex with yourself. I think people will be a shocked by that episode." Whoa, ABC Family, ya think?! I smell another PTC press release...

Byron Cohen/NBC

Cody in New York City, N.Y.: I love Community! Anything good coming up?
We're dying to see the holiday episode, because Gillian Jacobs told us, "There's a huge brawl!" In the Yvette Nicole Brown-centric episode (yay!), "Shirley is organizing a party for everybody and making a lot of assumptions that the rest of us are all Christian, inviting us to her Christmas party. But Britta's an atheist, surprise; Troy's a Jehovah's Witness; Annie's Jewish; Shirley's Christian; Abed is Muslim; Pierce is Buddhist, but maybe it's just a cult; and Jeff is agnostic, which we all think is really lame," Gillian said.

Kim in Stratford, Conn.: I completely love Jeff and Annie on Community! Any scoop about the potential pairing?
Just that you shouldn't hold your breath for that pairing up. With Lauren Stamile coming back on the show as Joel McHale's new ladylove, I'm told this storyline isn't going to see the light of day any time soon. And for the Jeff-Britta junkies, sorry guys—Gillian told us this potential romance is bound to be a slow burn: "There is no rush on the writers' part to throw the two of us together, so if something were to develop, it would probably not be in the short term." That's all right, we'll gladly wait.

Amy: I read the teaser post for this week's episode of Sons of Anarchy, and I wanna know what "significant life choices" Tara makes! Please let it be something good!
Tara is pregnant with Jax's octuplets! (OK, no, not at all, but Tara does make a big move, and let's just say that Gemma's involved.)

Irene in Newport News, Va.: I'm loving White Collar! Any scoop?
Ever since the White Collar pilot, we've found that the everyday eps of this USA series have been a smidgen flimsier than we'd like, but the midseason finale on Dec. 4 is the sharp and snappy standard we'd like to see from the show. What happens? Well, Neal (Matthew Bomer) is finally confronted with a criminal nemesis worthy of his talents, Elizabeth Burke's (Tiffani Thiessen) presence on the show starts to make sense, and there is a huge (huge!) reveal about Agent Burke (Tim McKay) that involves something pretty important from Neal's past.

Minn in Lodi, Calif.: Any info on The Good Wife? It's not a flashy show, but I watch every Tuesday without fail.
E!'s very own Chelsea Handler guests on The Good Wife tomorrow night. She plays herself interviewing "Amber Madison," the tootsie hooker with whom Alicia's (Julianna Margulies) husband was caught canoodling. If you're a fan of this show, be sure to watch tomorrow night or you'll miss lots of heavy stuff between Alicia and Peter Florrick (Chris Noth).

Amanda in Menlo Park, N.J.: Last week's episode of Fringe with the Observers was sooo good. What else is going on with that show?
According to Fringe exec producer Jeff Pinkner, here's what you can look forward to in upcoming episodes: "We deal with an outbreak-type condition...[There's] an episode that's really big and fun and crazy about how what it is that we think we're seeing isn't necessarily the truth. And in a couple of episodes, we drop a bombshell for our characters and one of the big dormant secrets, one of the bombs of the table, as it were, goes off. Perhaps it will be blow apart our team, and certainly it will change the nature of their relationship. We delve a little bit more directly with the alternate universe and what's going on over there and how it may affect our world. We also have a really cool episode coming up that deals with Walter's (John Noble) memory and William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) specifically."

—Additional reporting by Megan Masters, Jennifer Godwin and Kristin Benson