Modern Family: Is Shakira Getting In On the Act?

Sofia Vergara is trying to convince hips-centric singer to do a guest spot on ABC's new hit comedy

By Marc Malkin Nov 23, 2009 10:02 PMTags
ShakiraSteve Granitz/Getty Images

Shakira is no actress, but maybe it's time for her to become one.

She and her hips are wanted over at ABC's new hit comedy Modern Family.

"I'm trying to convince her to act," M.F. star and resident MILF Sofia Vergara told me at the American Music Awards. "Hopefully, she'll say yes."

Vergara liked our suggestion that...

Maybe Shakira should play Vergara's sister on the show.

"Why not!" Vergara said. "We'll write a character especially for her if she wants to do it."

Meanwhile, Vergara and her costars are the ones wanted by another primetime star...

"I'm obsessed with Modern Family," V's Morena Baccarin said. "It's my new, latest guilty pleasure. I would love all of those characters and our characters to interchange and do each other's shows. I don't know if it would be good, but..."

Aliens dropping in on Modern Family may not be so far-fetched—at least according to Baccarin.

"I do believe there's something more out there," she said. "We can't possibly be the only living people in the universe."


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