Chuck: The new Chuck promos (one above; three below) have us so amped about the new season, starting Jan. 10, we have to share some exclusive scoop: Spoiler alert! Smallville's Kristin Kreuk will be smooching the Chuckster, Brandon Routh will be smooching Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) and Morgan (Josh Gomez) and Anna (Julia Ling) will be no more. But despite all that, there still will be plenty to make you fans happy, including evil Angie Harmon and general asskickery (see promos below)...

Vampire Diaries: James Remar sure knows how to spawn hot sociopaths! Dexter's daddy (who recently spilled some scandalous Trinity scoop) is coming to Vampire Diaries to play Stefan and Damon's father. Remar reveals his character is an aristocrat from the Civil War era, and he'll be on for more than one episode.

So You Think You Can Dance With the Stars: SYTYCD judge Mary Murphy and DWTS' Edyta Sliwinska and Alec Mazo will join the cast of Broadway's Burn the Floor on Jan. 12.

Margo in Vail, Colo.: I read that something happened with Courteney Cox that shut down the set of Cougar Town. What's the latest?

I ran into one of the cast members Thursday night and can tell you the cast and crew were told that night that production was shutting down temporarily, but even the fellow actors were not told the reason why. So it is hush-hush and presumably, personal. There's also no word yet as to when production will be back up, however I am told by a source that this week was a previously scheduled hiatus. We certainly hope everyone within the Cox-Arquette camp is OK.

More Vampire Diaries: Lindsay Lohan is Bonnie's camp buddy! Thankfully, this is real life and not more casting news. Katerina Graham (Elena's BFF Bonnie) just shared a cute pic of her with Lindsay back when they went to Camp Walden together. No telling whether they pulled a switcheroo on their parents when camp was done.

Place your well wishes for Courteney in the comments below, along with any possible feelings of excitement you may have after watching these Chuck promos!

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