Good News for Miley: She's Officially Not a Racist

Judge throws out $4 billion class-action lawsuit against Disney star by woman who claimed slant-eyed photo leak discriminated against Asian-American community

By Gina Serpe Nov 20, 2009 8:35 PMTags
Miley CyrusRIV/Fame Pictures

When Miley Cyrus' infamous slant-eyed photo leaked online, we knew there was going to be trouble. When a Los Angeles woman filed a class-action suit against the Disney star on behalf of her Asian brothers and sisters, we knew it was going to be a lengthy battle. But when it turned out she was seeking roughly $4 billion—yes, billion—in damages from the teen, we knew what outcome was inevitable.

In a win for common sense everywhere, an L.A. judge today threw out Lucie Kim's lawsuit, saying that while the photo may have been offensive, it didn't break any state laws.

Especially not the one Kim claimed it did.

In her complaint, Kim accused Cyrus of violating a statute that prohibits businesses from discriminating against minorities, specifically in terms of offering equal access to public accommodations.

And while Miley's clearly a budding empire, she's not, strictly speaking, a business. Or, so far as we know, offering shelter.

Kim's lawyer argued against the ruling, claiming that Cyrus, who no doubt welcomed the legal reprieve in the wake of this morning's fatal accident, is a master marketer and should have known that the private photo deprived the Asian-American community of "courtesy and respect."

"Every time she sells herself she engages in a business transaction...this image that she is this positive role model for children," attorney Henry M. Lee said in court.

Unfortunately for Kim, her concession in an earlier filing that Cyrus and her friends were not intentionally seeking to discriminate against an entire race by taking the photo likely didn't help her case.

As for Miley, who has bigger things to worry about at the moment, she offered her mea culpas, issuing two separate apologies the week the photo was released.


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