Alexander Skarsgard, Dave Navarro, Robert Pattinson

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While supporting fellow rock babe Mary Weiland during her book party (Fall to Pieces) at Book Soup in West Hollywood, Dave Navarro told me he's "Team Nobody," when I asked if he was on Edward's or Jacob's bus.

"I'm an adult," sniffed Carmen Electra's tattooed and famously ablicious ex, with more derision than I have for stars like Paris Hilton who buy dogs from puppy mills. 

Jeez, who does this dude think he is, Miley Cyrus or something?

Why can't the Red Hot Chili Pepper pot share the vampire love, already? I mean, he kinda looks like one, right? 

"Yeah, I started this look," insisted the bearded demi-dude all in black and multiple tatts.

"Gosh, Dave, you're not even into True Blood?" I asked. 

Suddenly, Navarro looked like I'd said he has the most unbeatable tummy muscles in the world:

"Man, I love that show," he gushed about True Blood, all edgy, teenybopper-like. "Skarsgård's hot, the show's hot, it's hot!" 

OK, I get it, dude. Who sounds like a little kid pining for his vamp hottie hero now? The colossal nerve of him to hate on Twi-hards—Dave's just the same! 

Also, slinky Skarsgård definitely fits the infamous sex-swinger Navarro far more than the discreet Brit hunk-muffin that is R.Pattz. So I'm not surprised. It was just a bit, uh, unusual, to hear a celeb speak about Twi stuff with such contempt. 

I'm telling you, though, it's all about jealousy. Hear that, Miley?


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