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So let us get this straight. While millions of fans and hordes of paparazzi around the world are going bat-poop crazy trying to gain access to Hollywood's No. 1 It man, a petite little artist who was so shy she used to eat her lunch alone in a bathroom stall just—whoopsie!—bumped smack into him?

'Tis true. Oh yeah, and she also just so happened to win America's Next Top Model.

You know the drill: Along with the title, Nicole Fox receives a $100,000 contract with cosmetics giant CoverGirl, management by Wilhelmina Models cover and a Seventeen magazine cover.

But now apparently there is a new prize: a backstage rendezvous with Robert Pattinson.

We spoke with Nicole this morning, and in addition to dishing the deets on her ANTM victory, she revealed her surprise run-in with the world's most celebrated vampire earlier today...

It all went down behind the scenes at Regis & Kelly, where Nicole made an appearance.

"I was backstage going to the bathroom—in a bathroom I probably wasn't supposed to be using," the wonderfully quirky Nicole admitted to us. "But when I came out, [Robert Pattinson] was in the hallway, like two feet away from me, [just] standing there."

After her "nerve-wracking" Regis interview—"I was shaking," she admitted—did the petite model summon the courage to talk to R.Pattz?

"I didn't. He was surrounded by his throng of people. And so I didn't want to feel like a dorky fangirl. I just looked down at my shoes and walked away."

Hardly surprising behavior from the girl who told us, "Public speaking is like a fear of death for me." Her competitor Kara even said she has "the social graces of a fetus." ("Probably the coolest of the insults I've ever received," Nicole told us, almost proudly.)

But in reality, the model's social awkwardness was trumped by her general obliviousness. 

"I actually don't know that much about [Pattinson]," the 5'7" 18-year-old beauty confessed. "I haven't seen the Twilight movies or anything like that. But I definitely have friends who are obsessed. For this Halloween, actually, I helped out one of my friends with her costume. She wanted a bigger-than-life portrait drawn of Robert Pattinson on her shirt. I drew that portrait—which is partially why I recognized him when I saw him in the hallway.

"I was like, Oh! That hair! I know that hair. I've drawn that hair!"

Yep, that's our Nicole. And how does she sum up her face-to-face encounter with Pattz—a prize coveted by millions of women all over the world, worth more to most than an ANTM title ever could be?

"Perhaps I will begin to watch the Twilight movies," she mused, "now that I saw him in real life."

How do you feel about Nicole winning Top Model? And seriously, how many girls are gonna trample all over each other next year to be on this show? Call the National Guard!


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