Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston hit her favorite Hollywood hot spot this week, the bar at the Sunset Tower Hotel, where she met up with a male friend for—gasp!—french fries!

Wearing jeans, a tank top and a scarf, the svelte actress ordered regular fries while her male companion opted for the truffle ones. "She was dressed cool and looked very cute," an eyewitness tells E! News "It looked like a friendly meeting, nothing romantic."

Aw, nice to know Jen really is a normal gal after all, even when the cameras are off, and especially when the mags are laden with "Stars Eat Like Us!" spreads full of pin-thin chicks sipping milkshakes for the paparazzi.


What do you think? Do skinny starlets really chow down, or is it all just a photo op? Click in to our gallery below and vote away!

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