Fashion Police: Leighton Meester Loses It

Gossip Girl's queen bee is really trying to make this pop star thing happen, and it's just not working

By Jennifer Cady Nov 18, 2009 7:39 PMTags
Leighton Meester, GQ, InsideMark Abrahams / GQ

We're concerned about Leighton Meester. We've always loved her as Gossip Girl's resident queen bee, Blair Waldorf, which makes it difficult for us to accept her as a pop star. But we know how it works with these actresses: If it's not a record deal, it'll be a clothing line or jewelry designing or perfume. So if Leighton wants to sing, fine. (Plus "Somebody to Love" is cheeky fun.)

What concerns us, though, is Leighton's attempt at a sexy image makeover to go along with the pop career. There was the "Somebody to Love" music video where she looked like she was trying way too hard to bring the sexy. And this photo (left) from December's GQ is more uncomfortable than titillating.

She showed more poor decision-making skills at last night's American Eagle flagship store opening in New York City. The evidence:

Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images

Ooof. Easy on the clown makeup. No one should wear that much pale powder along with red lips and smoky eyes—makes us wonder if this is Lady Gaga's fault. On the bright side, it detracts from the shapeless, low-cut leather minidress!

Unfortunately, this wasn't her only look of the night. It got even worse:

Courtesy StarTracks

You can tell she's wearing clip-on bangs. She just sticks those things to the front of her scalp and it's Instant Pop Star Leighton. As for the pants, they frighten us. That flesh-colored pattern evokes all kinds of images we don't want in our head.

Pop Star Leighton is really affecting our love for TV Star Leighton, who we thought was on her way to serious fashionista status. And while she plays around with this sexy image thing, we're just going to hold out hope she'll eventually return to the light.


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