Jennie Garth: I'm Just Arm Candy for New Moon Premiere

90210 star shares secrets of her life with Twidad, Peter Facinelli

By Breanne L. Heldman Nov 14, 2009 1:05 PMTags
Jennie Garth, Peter FacinelliAlexandra Wyman/Getty Images

Jennie Garth is almost as excited as you are for the New Moon premiere on Monday, but not because she's dying to see if Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart arrive arm in arm.

"I'm just excited to be there and support my husband," the 90210 star tells E! News exclusively of her spouse, Peter Facinelli. "He's like the perfect Dr. Carlisle [Cullen]. I'm such a fan of the book and of the movie that I really can't picture anyone else playing Dr. Carlisle, so I'm very happy to be there on his arm. It's not about me—I'll just be arm candy that night.

"That red carpet last year was pretty intense. I'm sure it's going to be even worse this year," she says. "Maybe I'll just stay back and let him do it. I'll wait in the car."

As for how she keeps her gorgeous family, including Peter and their three daughters, balanced, let's just say Garth has some tricks up her sleeve...

Garth swears that just because we don't get a play-by-play of her marriage of more than eight years in the tabloids, there's still plenty of action.

"We have plenty of drama. You just don't hear about it," she confesses. "But I think every couple does. If you don't have drama, I think you must be a robot."

It's all about maintaining priorities, says the 37-year-old actress.

"We just try to stay real as a family, as we were both brought up, and not let it ever go further than that," she admits.

Part of that is simply being active with her kids, supporting them and guiding by example, and knowing that sometimes a creative game can make the most mundane task fun for the whole family.

"Every morning, I pull teeth to get them to brush their teeth," says Garth, who is working with Trident and Smiles Across America, which brings dental health care to underserved kids.

 "As a parent, it's challenging to take care of your kids on every level, and this is just one of the many, many things that we have to be really diligent about as parents…

"I do something with my littler ones. We hide a little toy in their mouth, but it's not really even in their mouth. I tell them that there's something hiding in their mouth, and I hide it behind their head and so once they brush their teeth trying to get the little animal out, then they spit, and when they spit into the sink, I drop it into the sink and then they think that they've rescued the animal out of their mouth. They love it. It works!"


Jennie will be workin' it Monday as the World Tour ends and New Moon Rises!