50 Cent: Jealous of Chace Crawford?!

"In Da Club" rapper impressed with Gossip Girl star's work playing against type in upcoming gritty drama Twelve

By Marc Malkin Nov 13, 2009 8:22 PMTags
Chace Crawford, 50 Cent Johnny Nunez/Getty Images, Ben Hider/MeettheFamous.com

You wouldn't think former thug 50 Cent would be jealous of a fresh-faced pretty boy like Chace Crawford, but he kinda is.

The "Baby By Me" hip-hopper tells us he was quite shocked by the Gossip Girl star's fandemonium attention when they recently shot a movie together...

"You should see how the girls go crazy over Chace," says Fiddy, who stars opposite Crawford in the upcoming drug drama Twelve. "I'd see these people standing around, jumping up and down, and I'd say, 'What is going on? Did they see me?' But then I'd see Chace standing outside. I need to get in on that."

And Fiddy gives his costar high praise for doing such a convincing job playing a dope dealer. "He was really, really good on set," said the rapper, who just released his fourth album, Before I Self Destruct, along with a new Macy's men's fragrance called Power. "I mean, he'll make you feel like he's been in that actual drug-dealing lifestyle before."

And since we had Fiddy's attention, we just had to ask about his unexpected friendship with Bette Midler. "When I met her, I thought I was high—until my grandmother saw me in photographs and saw Bette Midler," he said. "She said, 'Baby, you made it! You're doing good.' "

—Reporting by Dahvi Shira


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