Burglar Bunch's Alleged Ringleader Won't Fess Up Just Yet

Nicholas Prugo delays arraignment on felony charges until Dec. 2; plans on pleading not guilty; is bailed on $100,000

By Gina Serpe, Lindsay Miller Nov 12, 2009 6:04 PMTags

One of the alleged ringleaders of the so-called Burglar Bunch just stole bought himself some time.

While Nicholas Prugo was expected to enter a plea for his role in the A-list thefts in court this morning, he instead was granted a postponement to his arraignment, and will now fess up—or, in his case, not fess up—on Dec. 2.

Prugo's attorney, Sean G. Erenstoft, told E! News that the 18-year-old will plead not guilty to the host of felony charges he faces for his role in allegedly ripping off Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Rachel Bilson, Orlando Bloom, Megan Fox and others.

And while he's keen to promote his client's innocence, he requested the delay to ensure that Prugo—now out on $100,000 bail—will be the last of the suspects to enter a plea, a move he hopes will help distance the teen from his alleged coconspirators. As will his motion for severance, should it be approved.

"Sometimes when your accuser has a Fifth Amendment right to remain silent, you have a conflict," Erenstoft said, insisting that Prugo's rights were breached last week with the accidental release of what should have been a sealed affidavit in the case. In the document, Prugo wasn't shy about detailing the burglaries and otherwise pointing fingers at his pals.

In the wake of the now public divulging, Prugo's legal team is attempting to prevent him from being lumped in with the rest of the group in terms of his arraignment, though the judge has yet to rule on the severing motion.

Though to be clear, per Erenstoft, "When the time comes, he'll be pleading not guilty."

Time will tell if he's the only one, though he shouldn't expect to be on the receiving end of any group solidarity.

An attorney for Jonathan Ajar, aka Johnny Dangerous, blasted Prugo's self-saving indiscretions and said his client would not be following suit.

"Mr. Ajar has refused to point the finger at anybody," Michael A. Goldstein told E! News. "He's going to worry about himself. Nicholas Prugo decided to take that course."

Ajar, who is currently being held on $400,000 bail, is not being held on any charges related to the burglary ring, and was instead busted on separate multiple counts of possession and sale of a controlled substance and possession of a firearm.

"He's not involved in one burglary, but he's the one in custody," Goldstein said. "He plays a very insignificant role in this."

Ajar will answer his charges in a hearing set for Monday, when Goldstein will also request a reduction in his bail amount.


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