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Oops. Did we speak to soon? The identity of the newest Top Model won't be announced publicly until next week's finale, but based on what we've learned from our eliminee interrogations today, we have all but certified that Nicole will be victorious.

Ever since the premiere of this season of America's Next Top Model, every sign has pointed to a Nicole victory—and when we spoke to eliminated model Jennifer this morning, she tacitly confirmed that Bloody Eyeball will be the show's 13th winner.

Read on to find out what Jen and fellow eliminee Erin dished about the odds-on favorite...

Americas next top model, Erin, Jennifer

The CW

In response to our million-dollar (or $100,000 CoverGirl contract) question—Who in the competition has the best chance of a postshow modeling career?—Jen said: "Three girls that are definitely going to be modeling after the show are Brittany, Erin and Nicole."

What about Laura, the second of the two finalists? "Whatever facet of entertainment Laura goes into, she's going to do well," Jen concluded, "because she has a personality that does not quit." You tell us: Has anyone ever won a modeling contract for her personality? No, no they haven't, and since looks trump personality in Top Model world, we say Nicole is a shoo-in to be this cycle's winner.

Even Erin agrees: "Laura's literally the sweetest person in the world. [Nicole's] "personality was stunted [because] she censored herself in front of the television cameras." But Nicole is so successful, Erin says, "because she's been involved in art and knows how to...achieve a photo. I'm so jealous of her ability to perform in front of the camera. I do pretty well myself, I'll say. But Nicole, she just knows what she's doing."

But Jen breaks it down best: "Nicole f--king lights up in front of a camera."

Don't agree with our logic leaps? Think Laura still has a chance? Shout it out in the comments!


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