30 Rock's New Guy Wants to See Alec Baldwin Naked

Cheyenne Jackson has a crush on the funnyman...but it's not what you're thinking

By Marc Malkin Nov 12, 2009 5:00 PMTags
Cheyenne Jackson, 30 RockAli Goldstein/NBC

Alec Baldwin may have admitted to my pals over at Entertainment Weekly that he used an "ass double" for a naked scene in It's Complicated, his upcoming flick with Meryl Streep, but he should know there are people out there who would like to see the real thing.

Like 30 Rock's new hunkster Cheyenne Jackson.

"I'd look at that," Jackson, a Broadway musical star who makes his debut on the NBC comedy tonight as TGS' new castmember Danny Blake, tells me. "Alec Baldwin is incredibly sexy. He's an alpha male."

That doesn't mean the openly gay Jackson wants Baldwin in a biblical sense…

"I wouldn't say that," Jackson, 34, laughs when asked if he has a crush on A.B. "I would say I have a talent crush on him. That's what we say here in New York—a talent crush."

I caught up with Jackson in NYC, where he's currently starring in the Broadway revival of Finian's Rainbow. (He also just released The Power of Two, his new album with Michael Feinstein.)

Jackson isn't allowed to say much about his 30 Rock storyline, but does reveal he's been working with all of the shows' stars and he just finished his third episode.

Which brings us to more Baldwin gushing. "He knows comedy! He knows timing!" Jackson says. "He knows what a little flick of your eye will do. I learned so much from him already, even in the short time I've been there."

As for Fey, she cast Jackson after seeing him onstage in Xanadu and Damn Yankees. "She's one of the most naturally funny people I have ever met," he says. "She's has this quiet confidence. Watching how she conducts herself and how she runs the ship over there is really fantastic."

So will he be belting out a tune with fellow Broadway babe Jane Krakowski? "You're going to have to wait and see," he says, adding, "They rely on the element of surprise so much. I wish I could shout it from the rooftops, but I wanna stay in good with everybody."


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