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Want to know a deep, dark Dexter secret?

Well, we have one to share, but we should warn you: It's something that is apparently so spoilery and so hush-hush that resident Dexter housewife Julie Benz freaked out when she heard that one of her costars told us about it.

Julie's reaction? "He said that?!" Followed by a quick: "They'll kill me if I say anything!"

So what is the big secret, who spilled the beans, and what else did we guess about Rita that made Julie's jaw drop?

The man who spilled the top-secret twist is none other than James Remar (Harry Morgan), who clearly isn't so concerned about being killed off given that, well, he's already dead. 

"There's an element to the Trinity Killer (John Lithgow) that has as yet gone undetected," James told us at Tuesday's TV Guide Hot List party. Meaning? "'Trinity' is inaccurate about the pattern of his kills."

Whoa! So Trinity isn't really the serial-killing, three-person-template-following sociopath we've been led to believe? Did Frank Lundy (Keith Carradine) die in vain? Is "Trinity" even the right title to give the man?!

"It may not be," James told us. "That's going to come out really toward the end of the season."

Julie, the good little spoiler-protecting soldier, tried to brush off what James told us. "You never know! There could be some truth to that; there could not be some truth to that. Sometimes James…runs a lot and gets light-headed."

Trinity obsession aside, Dex (Michael C. Hall) and Rita are headed for rocky ground once more. "We see some cracks in Rita's veneer," Julie told us, which lead us to ask her about this theory: that Rita be looking for comfort in the arms of their too-friendly—and suddenly single—neighbor.

"I plead the Fifth," Julie denied, with a grin that clearly said we were on to something big. "Rita's not as perfect as people think she thinks she is."

Now that he's killed his first innocent man, do you think Dexter will make another exception for the man potentially sleeping with his wifey? Only time will tell.

Are you on board with a Trinity Killer who doesn't kill in threes? What about the back-and-forth of Dexter's marriage? Let us know below.


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