Laila Ali, Hulk Hogan

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He may wear a boa and make his living (kinda sorta) beating people up, but Hulk Hogan is a sensitive man.

During his drama-filled divorce from Linda, he reached such a low point, he was downright suicidal.

"I actually believed in my heart that oath you make, 'til death do us part, for better or worse," he explains to E!'s Daily 10. "I actually believed everybody was on that page. It blew my mind, never been hit that hard."

One night, he "emotionally lost it," he says, and even pulled out a gun. Out of nowhere, the phone rang. It was his friend and American Gladiators cohost Laila Ali, and she pulled him from the abyss.

"She goes, 'You left, you were so depressed. Are you OK? We haven't heard from you.' She kept saying that we love you and we love you and come back, come to church with us and that kind of snapped me out of it," the wrestler recounts.

Hogan says his split with his wife was a long time coming and was not caused by his VH1 reality show.

"It was the total opposite," says Hogan, who is promoting his book, My Life Outside the Ring. "It was like my marriage was already unraveled." 

He adds that it's been pretty difficult talking to Linda since the split because of her 20-year-old boyfriend.

"It's real turbulent and I don't talk to her at all and, you know, it's just like it's tough because…she's got her own gym and she lives in California and she's with her young boyfriend and the hardest thing was just trying to talk to her when this kid that she's in love with used to go to the same school with my children," he admits.

"Trying to rationalize to Brooke and Nick that, hey man, you gotta love your Mom no matter what happens."


Watch the Daily 10 tonight at 7:30 p.m. for the full interview with Hulk Hogan.

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