Glee Boss Gets on Board With Puck and Rachel!

Exclusive scoop from the cast and crew on what lies ahead, the big love triangle and more

By Kristin Dos Santos Nov 11, 2009 5:01 AMTags

Let's get ready to ruuummmble!

The Glee producers have heard you fans loud and clear about your desire to see more Puck and Rachel—or more Finn and Rachel—and are prepared to give you what you want: More.

"We never expected that to catch on quite so well," executive producer Brad Falchuk told me of the show's short-lived Puck and Rachel hookup and subsequent fandemonium. "So we'll have to do something about that."


Last night I hit up a secret screening of the next episode of Glee, and scored scoop from the cast and creative team on the show's romantic entanglements, Madonna and more. So who's on Team Puck? Team Finn? What evil things is Rachel up to? See the video above.

As for Artie and Tina's new romance, the recent allegations from the disabled actors community and what else lies ahead, here's what you Gleeks have to know...

The Parents Are Coming! A Glee mole (who asked to be referred to as "The Stallion," "Rock 'n' Roll Heartthrob" or "Lindsay's New BF") told me exclusively: "Next week we'll meet Quinn's mom and dad—and so will Finn. The glee club has a new assignment to use songs to express feelings they can't otherwise get out, and needless to say, the Fabrays don't appreciate Finn's interpretation of said assignment.  We also get to spend a little more time with Finn's mom (who we saw briefly in the pilot)." How awesome does that sound? Fire up the DVR, people.

Artie and Tina Are On! "This ep kind of sparks it," Kevin McHale (Artie) said of the Artie in Tina romance in tomorrow night's episode. "I think Tina and Artie will be together. I think they will be a couple for a long time." Though, of course Kevin may have a personal interest in the matter. "Jenna [Tina] and I really want them to be together because we're best friends in real life," he admitted. Sweet!

Artie "Gets His Moment": Kevin/Artie gets his first solo, "Dancing With Myself." "We had to shoot it in slow motion," he told me. "And I had to be a freak. It was embarrassing. I had to sing to myself in double speed while going through all the extras. I kept saying, 'Be professional, Kevin. Be professional!' "

"Wheels" Doesn't Just Feel Good, It Does Good: Aside from what you may or may not have read from the Associated Press regarding the usage of wheelchairs and disabled actors in this week's episode, I think you'll discover that "Wheels" is all about empowering people with disabilities and sends out an uplifting message to the disabled community. It should also be noted that the series now has a recurring character with Down syndrome, which I don't think has happened on network TV in a very long time.

Truly Gleeful: There's a reason this show is so much fun to watch. The people behind it are brilliant, hilarious and...wait for it...sincere. I know: One-legged unicorns are more frequently spotted in Hollywood. Oh, and a little tip: If you ever get caught up in a sideline convo with producers Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan (who writes the lines of Sue Sylvester, need I say more?) it's best to wear adult diapers. Those boys be that funny.

Check out tomorrow's E! News for what the producers told me exclusively about their Madonna episode, which they just finished writing. In Bali. Yes, some guys do have all the luck.

Are you on Team Puck or Team Finn? The comments lay at your feet as a battleground...


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