Lady Gaga Brings the Crazy in "Bad Romance" Video

Crazy pop diva (can we call her that already?) is back with a new music video. Yes, she's trying too hard in it, but it's still awesome!

By Jennifer Cady Nov 10, 2009 9:25 PMTags

The new video for Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" premiered today, and it's all the right amounts of crazy you’d expect from Gaga: A sci-fi setting with Slim Jim monsters that do a few "Thriller" zombie moves, a few shots of a bare-faced Gaga, these shoes and some human trafficking thrown in for good measure.

In the past, we've found her relentless ploys for attention pretty exhausting ("Ugh, can she try any harder?"), but this music video really makes us appreciate everything Gaga actually brings to pop music.

She's exciting to watch, plain and simple. Sure, her theatrics might cause a few eye-rolls, and she definitely isn't breaking any pop music conventions, but while Britney's out there making the same old boring video, we need someone like Gaga to really bring it. To put actual thought and care into her product so that it feels alive.

So keep on being a weirdo, Gaga. Will it bother us? Yeah, sometimes. But other times we really do need a pop star in tranny makeup to wear a polar bear rug/cape and start some stuff on fire.


Monsters make us think of vampires, which make us think of New Moon (duh). Only 10 more days until the stills in our New Moon Rising gallery come to life.