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UPDATE: The judge today extended the injunction until the next hearing, on Dec. 1, so he could review the materials in question and determine whether Team Lopez can legitimately block the release.

Jenny's sexcapades are off the block...for now.

A Los Angeles judge has shut down Jennifer Lopez's publicity-hungry first hubby from releasing a so-called mockumentary featuring footage of the ex-couple's short-lived love life and an exposé of her allegedly cheating ways.

Ojani Noa, who has been trying to milk his role as J.Lo husband No. 1 ever since their marriage crapped out more than a decade ago, has been pitching How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The J.Lo and Ojani Noa Story for a couple of weeks. Lopez filed a $10 million lawsuit on Friday and requested an injunction preventing the release of any footage featuring her.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James C. Chalfant has agreed to keep the movie on lockdown until a further hearing Tuesday on whether to make the injunction permanent.

But first, hizzoner might be getting an eyeful...

Chalfant agreed with a request by the Out of Sight star's attorney, John H. Lavely, to review all video material, sexually explicit or otherwise, Noa and his manager/producing partner Ed Meyer plan to shop around so he can determine if they violated the ex-couple's nondisclosure agreement.

"We're going try to convince the judge that the injunction is not called for," Meyer lawyer Frank Sanes tells E! News. "The judge will have to decide whether or not [to grant plaintiff's request] to have certain documents sealed or not."

Meyer and Noa believe they are skirting the terms of a confidentiality agreement by fictionalizing parts of the story and hiring actors to re-create scenes. Meyer told E! News that production was set to begin in January.

Lopez claims there's 11 hours of footage shot during her and Noa's marriage that features sexual situations—something Meyer calls a "smokescreen" in his court declaration.

"Noa has a story that needs to be told and then let the public decide," the producer added in his court statement.

Lopez hooked up with Noa, then a waiter in a Miami eatery, before she hit the big time. They married in February 1997 but divorced 11 months later. They remained on friendly terms, with Lopez even hiring Noa to run her Los Angeles-area restaurant in April 2002.

But things soured and she fired him six months later. Noa sued her for wrongful termination, and the pair eventually signed an agreement preventing either from talking about the settlement or their union.

That didn't stop Noa from threatening to publish a tell-all book about their time together and how she allegedly cheated on him and other boyfriends. A court-appointed arbitrator ruled in Lopez's favor and awarded her $545,000 in compensatory damages.

Noa turned up in court today representing himself. Calls to Lopez's attorney seeking comment were not immediately returned.

(Originally published Nov. 9, 2009, at 2:55 p.m. PT)


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