Taylor Lautner's Not "Randomly" Taking Off His Shirt

The New Moon star tells our Ben Lyons why his character is often simply sporting skin

By Ben Lyons Nov 09, 2009 10:50 PMTags
Alex Meraz, Kiowa Gordon, Chaske Spencer, New MoonKimberley French/Summit Entertainment

Taylor Lautner's known for flashing his abs of steel, but the teen werewolf insists that all those shirtless scenes—of him and the wolf pack—in The Twilight Saga: New Moon aren't purely gratuitous.

"There's definitely reasons behind it for the film," he told me over the weekend. "When we transform, we don't have clothes, we have to go find our clothes. And we're hot, we're 108 degrees. So it's not like we're randomly taking our shirts off for no reason."

Robert Pattinson also told me he's been self-conscious about his own looks. His one regret about signing on for Twilight?

That he agreed to undergo dental work before shooting.

"They tried to fix my teeth. And they shaved these little gaps on, they tried to do an Invisalign thing. And I put the Invisalign thing on and was like, 'I don't wanna wear that s--t,'" he told me. "Those gaps between my teeth have decayed and caused me so many problems. That's the one thing I regret doing because I wasn't thinking at the time."

Despite all the scrutiny the young stars are under, Kristen Stewart also told Daily 10 that she's found a new approach to handling media and fan attention.

"As soon as I try to control a situation, I lose control," she said. "So I'm really just trying to be myself. And that's where I ran into problems before is I was so concerned with coming across sincere, not saying the most obvious thing. So when dealing with questions like that, dealing with fans: 'Hi, how are ya?' Done. Just stop thinking."

They dished plenty more, too, so check out my interviews with the New Moon cast on tonight's Daily 10 @ 7:30 p.m.


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—Additional reporting by Lindsay Miller