DWTS, Kelly Osbourne, Louis Van Amstel


Kelly Osbourne may be looking better than ever (have you seen her waist lately?!), but that doesn't mean the Dancing With the Stars contender ain't eatin'.

"For the first couple of weeks, I was like, 'I need spaghetti Bolognese!' And that is what I ate every single day," Osbourne, 25, says while sitting in a Hollywood dance studio with her pro partner, Louis Van Amstel. "Now, it's chicken quesadillas. I love the carbs from the cheese. But I have to stop eating it, because it's starting to make feel sick because I'm eating it so much."

Even with her shrinking waistline, Osbourne hasn't been quick to jump on a scale…

"If I start weighing myself, I will start being like, 'Maybe I shouldn't eat so I could lose some more,'" she says. "I would go to that end. I would get obsessed with that fact that I was losing it and I would keep at it."

She does admit to measuring her waist earlier in the day during a costume fitting. "I'm two inches smaller than I was last week," she says, adding, "I suddenly have muscles in my stomach that I never had before. It's all hard and it never was like that."

But, being that this is Dancing With the Stars, the new bod doesn't come without plenty of pain. Not only does Osbourne believe she's suffering from a neck spasm, but her list of DWTS-related injuries already includes cartilage buildup on her hip, a dislocated toe, a sprained ankle and two painful knots on top of each other near her shoulder blade.

Even so, Osbourne isn't ready to stop dancing. She and van Amstel, 37, have become like family. "The hardest part for me right now is knowing that this is going to be coming to an end very soon," Osbourne says. "I don't like that."


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