Who knew Sesame Street would one day join the ranks of Real Time With Bill Maher, South Park and The Daily Show?

You'd expect jabs at Fox News from the politically minded comedic shows, but not the kid's program celebrating its 40th anniversary tomorrow.

The show recently reaired an episode from two years ago in which Oscar the Grouch launches his own television channel called "GNN," for Grouchy News Network. Grundgetta, a female Muppet viewer, calls into Oscar's show and threatens to turn the dial. "From now on, I'm watching Pox News. Now there's a trashy news show," she exclaims.

Now, conservative bloggers are getting their panties in a bunch over this.

"The message is clear: I can't even sit my kids in front of Sesame Street without having to worry about the Left attempting to undermine my authority," writes Big Hollywood's anonymous Stage Right.

While Sesame Workshop spokeswoman Ellen Lewis insists the segment was merely meant as a harmless parody, the PBS ombudsman says the joke should have been off-limits.

"I don't know what was in the head of the producers, but my guess is that this was one of those parodies that was too good to resist. But it should have been resisted," writes Michael Getler. "Broadcasters can tell parents whatever they think of Fox or any other network, but you shouldn't do it through the kids."

Conservatives may not want to pick that wedgie just yet—Michelle Obama is set to appear on tomorrow's big birthday episode.

Michelle Obama, Sesame Street

Courtesy PBS

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