Would Kristen Work With Rob Outside of Twilight?

Will Kristen and Rob share the same screen after their Twilight days are over?

By Ted Casablanca, Taryn Ryder Nov 08, 2009 2:32 AMTags
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It's no shock we adore Kristen Stewart here at the AT. We had the pleasure of meeting her again yesterday at the New Moon junket and press conference in LA, and K.Stew truly didn't disappoint, again.

First off, she looked totally hot rocking her slightly grown out Joan Jett hair pulled back a bit with a black blazer and one of her standard quirky tees underneath. While K battles a few haters out there we think the babe's a breath of fresh air. Finally—not another cookie-cutter Hollywood bimbo. Her boy, Robert Pattinson, is kind of the guy equivalent of that, too.

After the press conference KS stopped real fast to chat with us on her way out, ‘cause we just had to know: would she work with Rob, or any of the cast, again after all these Twilight flicks are over?

AT: Once all of these Twilight movies are done you will have spent many years filming with the same group of people—would you have any interest in working with them when it's all over?
Kristen: Literally…every single one of them [she said sternly and sweetly].

AT: How about Rob, in particular. Would you see yourself staring in a flick with him again?
Kristen: Yeah, we talk about it all the time.

We're kinda surprised, but no complaints here! These kids can be the new rat-pack.

So what kinda role could you see Robsten tackle next? Maybe they should do some crazy Tarantino flick with lots of sex, but crazy violence. A Casablanca remake of sorts. Swear we've mentioned something like this before.

Check back later to see how the rad K.Stew manages to keep her private life somewhat private.

Somehow we have a feeling all these promos will payoff when New Moon Rises and hits theaters