Levi Johnston, William Shatner

AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast; Dr. Billy Ingram/Getty Images

Remember when Levi Johnston twittered about getting some good weed?

Funny—he doesn't.

Despite The Tonight Show and William Shatner's hilarious reinterpretation of the Alaskan's tweets, Bristol Palin's baby daddy claims he has no account on the microblogging site.

"Levi doesn't have a Twitter," his lawyer, Rex Butler, tells E! News. "We thought it was common knowledge by now that there was an imposter Twittering in his name. Obviously, some outlets have chosen to run this anyway. A simple phone call before would have taken care of it."

But the attorney isn't too quick to point a finger at NBC. He'd like to hear back from the website before he bothers taking on a network.

"I've sent an email to Twitter because they need to step up and take care of business," Butler says. "Then we’ll deal with The Tonight Show. First thing's first."

That's probably a good thing, since Levi won't be hearing a peep (or a tweet) from NBC anytime soon.

"We will have no statement from the show or network," a rep for NBC tells E! News.

For the record, the bio for the account @LeviJohnston15 reads, "this account its not wor it will never be verified .. so stop asking." The Johnston he'll be showing Playgirl, however, will be the real deal for sure.


This story sure beats the weighty issues we were discussing earlier today!

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