Levi Johnston: Playgirl Spread Earns Him Sex Award

Sarah Palin's teen nemesis will be on hand to accept award for stripping down for nudie magazine

By Marc Malkin Nov 06, 2009 5:30 AMTags
Levi JohnstonJesse Grant/Getty Images

Not only is Levi Johnston getting mucho press for his upcoming Playgirl spread, but now he's going to receive an award for it, too.

We just got word that the Alaska teen will be, um, honored with a sex-themed award next week in New York City. And Johnston is expected to be on hand to accept the prize from viral video star Obama Girl.

What gives? Read on for the full monty story...

To recognize Johnston's status as "biggest pop culture star turned sex star," adult website Fleshbot will present Johnston with a Crossover Star award at its first annual Fleshbot Awards.

The awards will be given out at the Box nightclub Nov. 11—just days before the 19-year-old baby daddy's much talked about Playgirl photo shoot.

"We think it's awesome that he's posing for Playgirl," Fleshbot editor Lux Alptraum tells us. "And it's quite a transition to go from being the future son-in-law of the Republican vice presidential nominee to someone who is modeling in a nudie magazine that's marketed toward gay men.

"That's quite a leap to be making," she added. "We are very proud of Levi for being brave enough and confident enough to do this."

It's still unclear whether Johnston plans on showing everything that God gave him.

If he doesn't go full frontal, does that mean he has to give back his Fleshbot Award? Alptraum is hopeful it won't come to that.

"Playgirl has sent out multiple press releases saying there will be nudity, so we're assuming full nudity," Alptraum said. "It sounds like he's going to go through with it."


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