If we were Bristol Palin, we'd shut down our Twitter account now. After all, getting mocked dramatically reinterpreted by William Shatner has turned into a family affair for Alaska's former first family, as estranged baby-daddy turned professional trou-dropper Levi Johnston is the latest tweeter to get caught in Captain Kirk's crosshairs.

As he did with Sarah Palin (twice) before, the Shat man grabbed his bongos, his bass and his never-bland delivery, and gifted the Tonight Show audience with a beat-tastic reading of Johnston's 140-character musings.

Let's just say, he makes Palin look like a veritable wordsmith.

"Maybe I'm a genius and not even know it," Shatner recited. "Maybe I don't exist and it only seems like I do. Maybe this is a parallel universe where I don't. Anybody know where I can get some good weed?"

Turns out, you can take the hick out of Wasilla, but not out of tweets.

"What's the deal with taxi drivers not speaking English, is it a law against it?" he mused. The blissfully ignorant questions didn't stop there.

"Is it true that fat kids never get kidnapped?"

And no tweet reenactment would be complete without touching on his upcoming, highly unanticipated Playgirl spread.

"You know you're a celebrity when strangers want to see your penis. LMAO."

Yes, Levi. But only to L their own AO.


Judging by her public comments, this is one comedy bit Sarah Palin can probably get behind.

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