Josh Duhamel's So-Called Fling? "We Had a Really, Really Good Time," Stripper Says

Nicole Forrester says she has text messages to prove she spent the night with the married actor

By Natalie Finn Nov 05, 2009 6:00 AMTags

UPDATE: Josh Duhamel's rep continues to adamantly deny claims of an affair, telling E! News, "These allegations are nonsense."


Josh Duhamel seemingly put a stop to this, but it appears that Nicole Forrester is just getting started.

"We did hook up, we had lots of sex, and we had a really, really good time," the stripper and mother of two said in an exclusive interview with The Bert Show on Atlanta's Q100-FM.

"And then the next morning, when I left, you know, he kissed me on the cheek. Really sweet guy."

And a really married guy, too, of course.

Duhamel's rep has vehemently denied Forrester's story about having a one-night stand with the Transformers hottie. Mrs. Duhamel, aka Fergie, was with her hubby last night in Atlanta, where he's filming Life As We Know It.

But Forrester says she has saved text messages and "a lot of evidence" that she had a tryst with the actor.

She denies feeding the story to the National Enquirer herself, saying that the tabloid came to her, offering her $500 just to come in and talk, after an anonymous tipster reported that Duhamel was bragging on the set that he had "banged a hot, blond stripper at Tattletales."

Forrester insists she is not in this for the money or the 15 minutes of fame. She just wants to clear her name and not be branded a liar.

Yet she did, in fact, take money from the Enquirer—$500 for the initial sit-down and $1,500 to pass a polygraph test. (She says she was supposed to get $20,000 for spilling all the details to the mag, but that transaction was never completed.)

"I would actually pay money to make this go away. If I had it, I would do it, you know? But I don't," she shrugged. "Nothing I can change now...If it was going to get out there, I figured I might as well benefit from it. I think most people would."

And she says she doesn't fear Duhamel, Fergie or their legal team.

"No, because it's the truth. I'm not lying about anything, and he's just as guilty as I am."

Sounds like a classic case of he-said, she-said, everybody-cringes.

Listen to the whole interview right here:


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