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Sons of Anarchy is kicking ass!

The crazy little show we've adored since the series premiere is not only having a blockbuster season, creatively speaking (with some huge twists and turns), but it's also pulling in some amazing ratings. The season-two premiere doubled last year's numbers, SOA is often the week's top-rated scripted cable series in the key 18-49 demo and it even beat TV-stealing grinch Jay Leno the other night.

To celebrate, and to keep the momentum going, we bring you scoop! Yes, we've seen the next three episodes of Sons of Anarchy, and they contain more—and more gripping—stories than most shows have all season. We're sharing a little taste of what's to come, including the most important reveal of all: where and when you can next see Charlie Hunnam's very pretty booty!

Alice in California: Can you tell us when the second shower scene is happening on Sons of Anarchy!
The next shower scene happens tonight! We'll see Charlie Hunnam's oh-so-attractive backside again in tonight's all-new episode called "Fa Guan." Earlier this season we asked Charlie how he feels about all his nude scenes this year, and he told us, "I'm very glad that I made the choice to have the back patch tattooed on me. Me and Opie (Ryan Hurst) both have it. I'm very glad, because it's always exciting to see that piece of artwork, because otherwise it would just be me standing there, totally gratuitous." (We'll take it.)

Pedro Hollanda in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Is the club going south on account of Luann's death, or do they rally to do something vicious to that creep Tom Arnold? And what about Chibs' wife, Fiona? Is she one of the high-profile IRA members Cameron mentioned is coming stateside this season? She must be, if she scares even Gemma. Gemma's badass! Abraços!
Obrigada! Luann's (Dendrie Taylor) death isn't the only terrible thing that happens to Caracara this season. Expect Sam Crow's porn operation to come under major fire over the next couple of weeks. As for Chibs' (Tommy Flanagan) wife, Fiona, we learn she's third-generation IRA, but that doesn't mean she's bulletproof. Too bad, because she and Chibs are about to get caught in some major crossfire between the SOA, the IRA and the ATF.

Charlie in Sparta, Mich.: Care to share any spoilers about the Irish coming to Sons of Anarchy? They look like they could be the next big threat for SAMCRO (and one Scottish member in particular).
You guys know that Deadwood star Titus Welliver is coming onboard for multiple episodes as Irish gun kingpin Jimmy O, right? He's a big freaking deal in the world of SAMCRO, and he's going to be a huge part of the end of the season. And if you Lost fans remember Welliver's appearance as the man in black in the season-five finale of Lost, you'll giggle when a Sons character says of him: "We both know that he's the devil."

Ryan Hurst, Sons of Anarchy

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Aubrey in Annapolis, Md.: Does Sons of Anarchy have any good news coming this season? I love the gritty drama—it's becoming a bit of an obsession for me—but this season is killing me. I need a little hope for SAMCRO.
Opie is your beacon of hope then, because he soon starts crawling out of the hole he's been living in since Donna's death. You'll like some of the choices he makes, and you'll hate some of the choices involving porn stars, but the good news is that any way you look at it, Opie's getting back in the game in a major way.

Shay in Madison, Wis.: Anything you can share on what happens on Sons of Anarchy, like does Tara lose her job at the hospital?
As Maggie Siff herself told us at the top of the season, "It escalates in an interesting way. It is the deepest source of conflict for Tara—her professional commitment and her ongoing, personal involvement with the club." Let's just say that having Chibs recuperating at St. Thomas puts the already vulnerable Tara in an awkward position, medically speaking.

Becky in Buffalo, N.Y.: With all of the positive buzz Sons of Anarchy has been getting (you guys were first—and still the best!), I'm not really worried about it getting renewed. What I want to know is, will it be renewed for a full 22-episode season?!
Sons of Anarchy is one of them fancy cable-TV shows, and those shows thrive on shorter, tighter seasons. If creator Kurt Sutter gets to deliver on his seven-season plan for the show, expect it to continue to happen in doses of 13 episodes each. (And we'll love every one!)

Beth in Rockaway Park, N.Y.: Please, tell us everything you know about Sons of Anarchy!
No, thank you! We want to keep getting Sons of Anarchy episodes early from the powers that be, so we can't give it all away. But we'll leave you with these two ultrajuicy tidbits: There is an assassination attempt on a major character, and someone applies to join the "nomad charter" of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. Gasp!

Got guesses on who is ducking bullets and who might be leaving the crew? Post 'em in the comments!

Oh, and we've got two questions for you fans: What's your favorite part of Sons of Anarchy this season, and how did you get started watching the show? Tell us your SOA fandom "origins story" in the comments!

Sons of Anarchy airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX. (If you've never seen the show and want to give it a shot, rent the season-one DVDs and start with episode eight, "The Pull.")


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