Spoiler Chat: House and Office Romance Scoop!

Plus, find out which Glee castmember reveals a shocking secret only to be dumped on her ass!

By Kristin Dos Santos Nov 03, 2009 12:00 AMTags
Lisa Edelstein, Hugh Laurie, HouseAdam Taylor/FOX

OK, OK, we hear you!

Apparently all you TV fans want to know about is:

    • House and Cuddy and the possibility of hanky-panky
    • The Office's new Jim and Pam (is it blasphemy to call them that?)

      We've done some digging with inside sources (and a couple of castmembers themselves) to come up with inside info for you.

      Read on for our latest roundup of exclusive TV scoop...

      Sherrie in Louisiana: Forget Jam. I'm digging this Erin and Andy flirtation on The Office! Will they actually hook up?

      Yes! We just talked to Erin herself, Ellie Kemper, today and she told us it is so on. "There is definitely a romance developing between Erin and Andy," she said. And even better: We won't have to wait long. According to writer-star Mindy Kaling (Kelly): "We have the Christmas episode coming up in a few weeks and some great development between Andy and Erin happening there." Yay for geek love!

      Bren via Twitter: Did you see the Ryan-Kelly makeout scene in The Office Subtle Sexuality webisodes? Amazing! Will there be more of Kelly and Ryan?
      Did we see it? Only about 85 times! For those of you in the dark, check out the music video from hilarious new Kelly-Ryan-Erin-Andy pop group Subtle Sexuality. Mindy tells us Office boss Greg Daniels has been so impressed with the popularity they're hoping to do more. There are no plans to incorporate the group into the show, but they will be incorporating more Ryan and Kelly boot knockin'. Holler! "We just have this back and forth," Mindy says of Kelly and Ry guy B.J. Novak, "but it's kind of like an abusive relationship in a way. It's so much fun."

      Melina in Washington, D.C.: Thanks for the True Blood news last week! Do you have anything else about Eric?
      Your wish is my command. Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) fans will be happy to hear that even though Godric (Allan Hyde) is dead, the writers are considering exploring his 1,000-year history with Eric through flashbacks. Whoo-hoo!

      Jensen in Wichita, Kan.: OK, so who won Vampire Wars?
      It was a 5-0 Buffy blowout! True Blood came in second, followed by newbie series The Vampire Diaries in a distant third. When Twilight's Edward and Bella were thrown in the mix, they came in second after Buffy and Angel, but well ahead of Sookie, Bill, Stefan and Elena. Good work, Team Slayer!

      Michael Muller/NBC; ABC/Art Streiber; ABC/Art Streiber

      Sherri in New Rochelle, N.Y.: Will you please tell people that Trauma is not actually canceled until they strike the sets? NBC could very well still order more episodes if the ratings pick up.
      Um...you are technically correct. The show was still shooting in San Francisco last week, and should the show happen to miraculously gain and retain three or four million new viewers between now and December, there's a very, very slim chance of a back nine. And on that topic, should you happen to be the kind of masochist who likes watching mostly dead TV shows, you could do a lot worse than tonight's episode of Trauma. Cliff Curtis and Anastasia Griffith have some great scenes together after Nancy's ambulance gets hit by a bus. (Nancy + Rabbit = Love.) In other news, Nancy's dad is revealed to be Lost's John Terry, aka Dr. Christian Shephard. How many hot secret half sisters can Matthew Fox possibly have? Oh, last but not least, someone you'd never expect (i.e. not the obviously head-over-heels Rabbit) is in love with Nancy. You will gasp out loud when you find out.

      Andrea in New York City: Have you heard anything about Better Off Ted? I absolutely loved the episodes they played this summer, but I haven't heard anything since!
      Better Off Ted
      returns Dec. 8 at 9:30 p.m., and if you've never seen it before, please give BOT a chance. It is hilarious! Also, a little scoop for you fans: Later this season we'll be meeting Ted's brother, who's a fast-talking, schmucky salesman type. Got any dream casting for the part?

      Kelly in Tulsa, Okla.: I am a huge Olivia Wilde fan, and I was wondering if you had any news about her character, Thirteen, on House?
      Good news, Foreteen fans. In an upcoming episode of House, Foreman comes crawling back (sort of). According to a source, he tells Thirteen he's sorry he fired her and that he still loves her. Could this be the start of some sort of rekindled romance? Sure sounds like it, doesn't it!? So how do we feel about this?

      K.T. in Pennsylvania: I keep hearing a rumor that Michael Weston's arc won't end in episode 10 of House. I hear he's back in episode 12. Should House-Cuddy fans be giving up on their ship?
      Lucas (Michael Weston) is definitely a presence beyond episode 10: Even though Lucas doesn't appear onscreen in the following episode, House and Cuddy spend most of the time arguing about Cuddy's relationship with him. The good news? House certainly still seems to be harboring some fierce feelings for Cuddy. A source tells me he's going to rip up a photo of Lucas.

      Jenny in Alaska: Any news on Grey's Anatomy?
      Football injuries are a very trendy topic these days (we blame Malcolm Gladwell), and Grey's Anatomy jumps on the bandwagon in episode 11 when the gang treats a quarterback injured during a game.

      Suzy in Los Angeles: I was wondering if you had any new Glee spoilers?
      Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) has a dirty secret, and when she reveals it to Artie (Kevin McHale), he rejects her. Sniffle. Any guesses? (No, she's not a man.) BTW, we're thinking of doing a new Love Debate: Should Rachel be with Finn or Puck? But we need your help. Email us your 250-words-or-less essays or four-minutes-or-less fanvids in favor of one pairing or the other. If we get enough good submissions from both sides, we'll post the best on the site and set up a fan face-off.

      Wallace in Chino, Calif.: Will Navid and Adrianna get back together on 90210?
      Not any time soon. In tomorrow's ep of 90210, Adrianna begs him from forgiveness, but Navid shoots her down.


      Jennifer in Oakland, Calif.: I'm dying for more news on Kitty's cancer story on Brothers & Sisters. It's great so far, but what's next? Sally and Calista are blowing this out of the water.
      This Sunday's ep is more of the same impressive but distressing cancer stuff on Kitty's and Calista's parts. Kitty considers dropping her cancer treatment because she thinks that she caused her cancer with the power of her thoughts and that she should also be able to stop it with her thoughts. Eeek! In other news, Kitty's hair is falling out, so Sarah and Nora help her shave her head. Poor Kitty.

      Randall: Kristin, how about some scoop on who's pregnant on Brothers & Sisters? Tell, tell!
      I'll give you two options: Sarah or Rebecca. It is not Julia, even though Sarah Jane Morris is pregnant in real life. (SJM confirmed this to me herself, that they hid her adorable baby bump while she was filming an upcoming ep.) It's also not Kitty. And speaking of Julia, when we see her next she's gonna tell Tommy she wants nothing to do with him and does not want him to be a part of Elizabeth's life. That's gonna leave a mark.

      Maria in Long Island, N.Y.: After last night's Sons of Anarchy, I am really worried about Jax and Tara. Are they breaking up? Help!
      Jax Teller has an absurd number of problems, but the end of his relationship with Tara is probably not one of them. In fact, you fans of Jax and Tara (Jara? Tax?) can look for a sweet, romantic recommitment of sorts in an upcoming episode. Want more SOA scoop, including where and when you can next see Charlie Hunnam naked? Check back tomorrow morning for lots more scoop on the future of Sam Crow!

      Virginia Sherwood/NBC

      Dan in Boise, Idaho: The Friday Night Lights premiere was so depressing! Will things look up soon?  
      Last week was a doozy! This week Coach Taylor picks up the pieces of a much-wounded team, playing the role of therapist more than football coach. The Lions get a new recruit with the assistance of an unlikely Panther die-hard. Plus, Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch) signs on to help the team. (The crowd roars!) And don't ever try to blackmail Tami Taylor (Connie Britton). She will get even. We are so Team Taylor! What do you think of the new East vs. West Dillon rivalry?

      Humphrey in Canada: I love Chris Pratt on Parks and Recreation. Any hope for an Andy and Ann reunion?
      We just chatted with Chris and Rashida Jones, and they told us they won't get back together any time soon. "Andy's undying devotion toward Ann is one of the only things that redeems him, so I hope not," Chris told us. "I hope that he keeps pining after Ann for 10 seasons to come. That would be the best for me." Rashida didn't count out a future, saying, "I don't think it's an impossibility. There's still love in Ann's heart for Andy, [but] I think so much would have to change." Like, maybe an address?

      Marisa in Milwaukee: Is Andy a full-time City of Pawnee employee now?
      Chris Pratt said that his Halloween security gig was just the beginning. "That's the first step in the independence of Andy," he told us. And Chris is looking forward to his new storyline, which means he's finally out of the dreaded pit once and for all. He told us, "[The pit] is a real pit out in the Valley. It's hot and dusty, and it stinks a little bit—I'm happy to have that chapter closed."

      Matthew in Sykesville, Md.: I adore Community on NBC! Tell me what's to come!
      Funny stuff ahead: Pierce's Community musical pursuits continue this Thursday when he joins a rock band, and next week he uses some unconventional tactics to help Britta (Gillian Jacobs) stop smoking.

      Madie in Houston: Is Cheryl really going to get the role of George Costanza's wife on the Curb Your Enthusiasm Seinfeld reunion?
      Cheryl (Cheryl Hines) is going to have to audition for the role against a client of Jeff's (Larry's BFF). Drama!

      Jesse in Oklahoma: What's Ken Marino up to on Party Down this season?
      Since Henry is now running Party Down catering, Adam Scott tells us that Ken Marino's Ron is now "running Soup 'r' Crackers, but he eventually rejoins Party Down as an employee of Henry's. Everything's changed."

      Sergei Bachlakow/The CW

      Michaela in Shreveport, La.: Any new Supernatural news? This season is great!
      Thursday's ep is not to be missed. The boys are taking a tour of TV land that is high-larious for TV fans like ourselves. The Trickster drops Sam and Dean onto the set of "Seattle Mercy Hospital," where they interact with the likes of Dr. Sexy, M.D. and Ellen Piccolo, the sexy, skinny, earnest lead. Look for the word seriously a lot and lots of atmospheric emo soundtrack music. You will have many opportunities to die laughing, including when Dean explains dead Denny to Sam, and Sam asks, "This show has ghosts? Why?!" (Fans of both shows, of course, will giggle about Jeffrey Dean Morgan being both dead Denny and Sam and Dean's dead dad, John. The guy gets around.)

      Katherine in Burbank, Calif.: What's next for Nathan now that we know he didn't have the affair on One Tree Hill?
      James Lafferty
      tells us it's not going to be easy: "It's going to stay with Nathan for a bit. It's stained his reputation, possibly to a point where it can't be repaired. We're going to see him deal with that and try to put his life back together. It definitely affects his career."

      Penelope in New London, Conn.: Do you have any Fringe news?
      This Thursday's ep is about Broyles (Lance Reddick's character), and when the gang revisits a shadow killer case from four years ago, we learn that he chose Fringe Division over his marriage four years ago, and has lived to regret it.

      ABC Studios

      Maribell in Baltimore: Legend of the Seeker starts this weekend! Spill everything you know about season two, please!
      The big scandal is that Richard (Craig Horner) gets confessed later this season, but we're not telling you by whom! As for this weekend's big premiere, look for Charisma Carpenter to guest star as Triana, an ambitious Mord Sith who doesn't like where boss lady Cara (Tabrett Bethell) is leading the gang. (That kiss you see to your left is more domination than romance.) The show also follows the lead of the books and reveals that Richard is actually Darken Rahl's secret half brother, and therefore he is the new Lord Rahl. Scandal!

      Audra in Ashland, Ore.: Any news yet on Make It or Break It? I miss that show so much!
      Now that they're on the national team, the girls are celebrities, and the paparazzi try to catch the girls smoking pot. OK, not all the girls, just Kaylie, who continues to take crazy risks with her career. Watch your back, kiddo!

      Dresden in New York: Modern Family, please! I'm obsessed with this show.
      That makes two millions of us! We just hit the set so stand by for some very funny highlights. In the meantime, I can tell you that we'll see how Ed O'Neill's character met Sofia Vergara, and it's hilarious and so fitting: At a swim-up bar in Cabo, of course! (By the way, I think I  may have a sickness when it comes to this show. I watched last week's episode with the baby bump on the head no fewer than five times. The Diana Ross wig left me in hysterics. Tell me I'm not alone?)

      —Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin, Megan Masters and Kirstin Benson


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