Kate Hudson

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No clue if there are actually any Alex Rodriguez fans out there—although we know some of you are avid Yankees lovers. But our favorite part of the World Series has been watching Stray-Rod get pelted by the Phillies three times in two games! But last night the Yankees played hard and purposefully hit 'em back ball.

And for the record, I was never really into this stuff before until Taryn Ryder clued me in to all the A-Rod ramming—too fun!

In fact, we're not pretending to be totally up on baseball knowledge here at the AT, but even we know getting hit by three pitches in like, a game and a half is some pretty damning odds. But we don't feel for A.R. at all.

That is his penalty for being a douche. Tough.

Obviously being disliked by the majority of the public and his teammates didn't hurt his game, 'cause Rodriguez managed to make some pretty clutch plays...except they weren't good enough to off the Phillies last night.

Although we want to thank some of the Phillies pitchers for giving A-Rod what he deserves for being such a womanizing prick, we want them to do it more!

We know that dating Kate Hudson should be punishment enough for Alex—remember, a former flame of Kate's, who himself is quite the playboy, claims Hudson is impossible to tame—but it's not. Someone needs to send A-Rod far, far away because we are so sick of seeing his and Kate's gloating mugs everywhere (although last night was refreshing). We know Philly fans agree on both counts.

Can New York just ship 'em off to a deserted island for the next five months? The Yankees seem to buy everything else, so this should be in their price range. 

Kate Hudson may bug us, but she's the Yankees good luck charm. Check our Sports Nuts: Famous Fans gallery and let us know who you think is most annoying.

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