Kate Hudson, Elle, UK Cover

David Slijper for Elle UK

In addition to being the Yankees' most valuable cheerleader, Kate Hudson sometimes makes movies and then promotes them—like doing this cover of Elle UK as part of the push for her upcoming movie musical Nine

The actress seems to come from the Megan Fox school of thought where men are boys and things like this make sense in her head:

"I sometimes feel like when you're talking to boys, they just hear certain keywords...But if you had a bubble above their head, they'd be thinking about game scores, masturbation and food."

And it just keeps getting better...

"I love boys...but I believe they're really simple. Every guy likes to say that they're complicated, but they're so easy to figure out. What did that Dr. Laura say? Something like, 'All men want is sex and for you to make them a sandwich.' I thought that was really funny—and not entirely untrue."

And this would be where Megan Fox would throw in some quote about vagina power and we'd all roll our eyes while giving her the attention she craves for a few minutes.

But Kate Hudson is 30 years old and divorced with a 5-year-old son. So when she says this kind of stuff, it's more like, "Maybe you should stop spending so much time with someone who has portraits of himself as a centaur hanging above his bed."


Kate's not the only leading lady who looks radically different as part of her magazine makeover. See who else's look gets lost in mystyle's Cover Girls: Is That Really You? gallery.

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