Jodie Sweetin, Unsweetined, Book Cover

It sounds like Jodie Sweetin, who played lovable Stephanie Tanner on family favorite sitcom Full House, is finally on her way to living the sweet life after years of alcohol and substance abuse.

In her new, brutally honest memoir UnSweetined, which hits stands today, Sweetin details how her life went from child star to out-of-control crystal meth addict. We caught up with Sweetin, now 27, the other day to talk about recovery, her one-a-half-year-old daughter, Zoie, and why she no longer thinks about using...

You and your ex-husband, Cody Herpin, went through a messy divorce about a year ago. How is your relationship now?
Cody and I try to get along the best we can for Zoie's sake. It's not great, but we do our best to be there for her. We're still going through a lot of court stuff and all that...There's always still a lot of doubt on his part. He doesn't think I'm actually sober.

Were you surprised when Andre Agassi's book came out last week and he wrote about his own meth use?
It's a lot more widespread than people realize. It's not just people with no money who are sitting in a trailer somewhere with no teeth doing crystal meth. There are a lot of people—people who have money, people who have families.

As someone who has already been down this road, how do you react when you see stars like Lindsay Lohan being portrayed as a "mess" in the media?
My heart goes out to her. It's not easy going through life in the public eye...and I hope that she's able to come through whatever it is that she's fighting with herself. I really hope she's able to get through to the other side of it.

Have you thought about what you would do if Zoie came home one day when she was older and told you she has substance abuse problems?
If she's ever going through something like that, I'll open up and share as much as I can just so that she knows I'm there for her and just so that she knows there's never any judgment. I'll just do what I can.

Does the thought of using still cross your mind at this point in your life?
Now it's not even an option. I don't think about it, I don't worry about it. Of all the times I've gone sober, this time is the best quality of the sobriety I've had. Comparatively, I couldn't ask for a better life.

—Reporting by Dahvi Shira


Read what Andre Agassi had to say about his own crystal meth use here.


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