Bethenny Frankel Blogs About Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kim "Is Certifiable and I Love It!"

Check out the Real Housewives of New York star's take on last night's reunion show

By Bethenny Frankel, E! Online Celebrity Blogger Oct 30, 2009 9:20 PMTags
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I was half-asleep during the reunion last night. It was so boring I flipped through an issue of Field and Stream for some excitement. First of all, to say fashion disaster would be a gross understatement. I don't understand what the hell was going on with the outfits and the set decor. It really was quite confusing.

Sheree, Sheree, Sheree...How could you rock Dolce & Gabbana when an entire season built up to your fashion event? Big mistake. Huge. As I said before, she likes fashion, but a businesswoman she ain't. At least Lisa was wise enough to market her wares.

Kandi wears the wild outfits and rock 'n' roll hair, but she can get away with anything because she is in the music Biz.

The best parts of the show were the flashbacks to the season's best moments. In my life, I've never loved a scene more than the Sheree party-planner smackdown. Her face literally became distorted. I could watch it for days. I love when she said she could find a pookie or two in her phone book. I can't help but love Sheree, the narcissist.

Kim is just pure entertainment at its finest. I could watch her for days, too. Did anyone else notice how defensive these girls were when asked any questions? It was as if they had no idea why they were on that stage. Um, this is the reunion where you air all of your dirty laundry. This is where you stay just shy Jerry Springer Show behavior. Instead, we had to endure these women (who have ripped weaves off and strangled one another) acting as if they are at a Savannah, Ga.,  country club's charity luncheon.

Is anything better than Kim saying, "Less is more?" Why does Andy Cohen say LOL in Twitter-speak? Andy redeemed himself when he asked Kim (with a straight face) if she supported herself on savings from nursing and a job at Bahama Breeze.

I also particularly liked Kim's description of her fake cancer, which I think is now professionally anemia thyroiditis. Anemia can cause hair loss, so she picked a good one. We can all decide on our own how accurate that diagnosis is.

Why was Nene so perplexed by Chinese people looking like they're Chinese, having Chinese family members and eating Chinese food? I'm not sure what the big mystery there was. That was insulting, and I'm not sure why Lisa didn't express that. It isn't like they went to Pluto and sat down to eat with aliens.

I thought it was funny that Kim was passionate about her standards with Big Papa. She asked Andy if he thought Papa slept with her, bought her things and then went back to his wife. "Like I would put up with that?" And we're like, um, yes, isn't that what this is? Isn't he married?

I love how she says they broke up and how she won't put up with his antics. Then Andy called her out on making out with Papa midshow. This broad is certifiable, and I love it.

Best line of the night: A viewer asks Kim how many glasses of wine she has a day. Her answer? "As many as I can." Brilliant.


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