They say sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince. Well, to hear a self-deprecating Jamie Kennedy tell it, sometimes it's just the opposite.

While appearing on the Halloween edition of the Bonnie Hunt Show Friday, Jamie jokingly recalled how his eventual relationship with Jennifer Love Hewitt didn't seem to have a ghost of a chance.

"The first time I met her I was at a party with Jerry O'Connell and I asked him, 'Who's that girl?' He said, 'That's J. Love,' and I said, 'She's really hot,' and he said, 'She's 16,' and I was like, ah crap.

"Then, a couple years later, I went to TRL to promote a movie and I went to go talk to her, but then Carson Daly came out and put his arm around her and I went, ah crap.

"Then a couple years after that I went to Starbucks and I went to talk to her and John Mayer came up and grabbed her ass, and I was like, ah crap.

"And now, at night when we're in bed together, we lay and she turns and looks at me and goes, ah crap."

Aww. Ain't, um, love, grand?


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