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Dear Ted:
I came upon this article, and I just wanted to point out that it did make valid points. I am in no way a fan of or care about what Miley Cyrus does, but there does seem to be a double standard when it comes to males and females. You have scolded Miley for pole dancing, but what about Taylor Lautner who poses for magazines in a wet T-shirt? Jaws drop for him whenever he takes his shirt off, but can the same be said for Miley? Her scandalous photo shoot for Vanity Fair sparked a lot of controversy, but here is Taylor, who is also underage, taking his clothes off for magazines. While, yes, Miley is a Disney Darling, so what? Taylor wasn't a darling, but he was associated with the franchise. What makes it OK for Taylor to pose semi-nude and not Miley? Is it because he's male? I would love to hear your opinion.

Dear What's the Diff:
Totally valid point. Except I know a lot more about Miley's behind-the-scenes doings as I do about Taylor's. At this point, at least.

Dear Ted:
I'm probably way too old to be focusing on teenager crap, but here goes: I know that everyone thinks Taylor Swift is so sweet, but I thought she was supposed to be good friends with Selena Gomez? Good friends don't date each other's ex-boyfriends/ex-"close friends"/whatever. Or is it Selena who's not as sweet as she appears?

Dear Good Question:
You're right—that's girl rule No. 1. Could one of those three relationships be faux, then?

Dear Ted:
Just saw the pics of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart leaving VBC. What is wrong with them? Taylor Lautner walks around like a normal person, whereas R and K draw more attention to themselves by hunching around looking like they're wearing bad disguises. Can't Summit teach them how to handle themselves a little better? Don't they know how stupid they look?

Dear Smiles 'n' Smirks:
You know I love Robsten, but I think you're half right here. If they showed the paps a little love, the photogs would probably back off just a tad. It's like when you want something you can't have—that's Rob and Kristen, so the paps want them that much more.

Dear Ted:
I'm a huge fan of your Blind Vices. Have any of your fellow E! employees ever been a Vice? (I'm talking hosts and presenters—not the "stars" of the reality shows E! churns out.)
Victoria, Scotland

Dear Behind the Scenes Sleaze:
Yep, but it's not who you think.

Dear Ted:
Is Lindsay Lohan actually doing a documentary on the trafficking of children for the BBC in India? Or is this a total lie like the time she said she was trying to do a movie with Sean Penn and Seth Rogen?

Dear You Said It:
I'll believe that documentary when I see it. Lindsay's lost all credibility with us.

Dear Ted:
Just wondering, what is Dakota Fanning really like? She comes across as nice and friendly. Wondering and hoping that she is.

Dear Tough Cookie:
There's more than meets the eye with Dakota.

Dear Ted:
Did you see Top Chef? Holy smokes. Miss Natalie Portman has got a nasty side, methinks. Would love some more clues as to which B.V. she is. Since she is already putting her "nasty" side out there on Top Chef, how about you give us a little more dish on this Star Wars alumna.

Dear Prissy Portman:
I didn't see the episode, but you don't have to tell me about N.P.'s alter ego. Still, don't think she's as nasty as half these other starlets.

Dear Ted:
Can you give Obama some credit for signing the Matthew and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act? It would be nice to see you give him some kudos.

Dear Credit When Due:
It was a nice gesture.

Dear Ted:
What really happened with Bridget Moynahan, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen? People seem to blame Gisele for Bridget and Tom not being together, but I always thought they were already broken up (but unknowingly conceived their son) when he met Gisele. Can you please clear this up once and for all?

Dear Rehashing the Past:
I think Gisele was less to blame than Tom. In fact, I know it.

Dear Ted:
Have to say it, I'm a huge fan of yours, all the way from the Land Down Under. My life hasn't been the same since I discovered you. You feed my Twilight addiction so well. You are such a refreshing change from all the crap that is fed to us from the gossip world, so thank you. Now, I do have a Twi question. With the rumors that Breaking Dawn was supposed to be filmed sooner rather than later (while they're all young and still like each other), you can imagine my heartbreak when I saw the pictures of Ashley Greene on the weekend with luscious new long locks. Now while she looks gorgeous, would you invest in new hair when you have to get rid of it soon? I have a feeling that we're not going to be getting Breaking Dawn until 2011? What do you think, am I over thinking this one?

Dear Reading Too Much Into It:
Actually, Ash sported the long locks to the Twilight premiere last year—she's just not a fan of the short 'do all the time, I'd assume. Still, even if B.D. is being filmed back-to-back I bet you still might not get the flick until 2011.

Dear Ted:
What's up with the Brian Austin Green hate? In a Hollywood that loves comebacks, the boy came back from the David Silver career coffin and landed a part next to Sarah Connor. That's got to mean something. Yet, every chance you get, you rip him a new one. Why, what's the deal? It can't be just because he's dating Fox.
A fan

Dear Silver Schmilver:
Honestly, I have nothing against BAG. On the contrary, I hear he's a cool dude.

Dear Ted:
So does Jonathan Rhys Meyers have any hidden vices, or does he wear them all on his sleeve. (Three stints in one thinks he's a saint.)

Dear Two-Time Tudors:
Yep, all on the sleeve, pretty much.

Dear Ted:
As an "older" Twi fan, do you see any similarities between R.Pattz and Colin Firth in the BBC's Pride and Prejudice? C.F. caused enough of a fan frenzy that it started the whole Bridget Jones column and movies. I know R.Pattz has said James Dean was an influence, but perhaps the brooding Darcy from English lit was too, even if only subconsciously...
Vegas Twi mom

Dear Thank You:
For giving me any reason to talk about Colin Firth—heart him! But I think Rob's impact is more global, whereas Colin's heartthrob influence is just slightly more restricted.

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