A Sex-Addict Blind Vicer Returns!

Welcome back Seymour Plow-Me-More

By Ted Casablanca Oct 30, 2009 2:10 PMTags
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It seems like Lloyd Boy-Toyed is just one example of an über-famous celeb playing the I-dare-you-to-out-me gay dance.

We're bringin' back an oldie, ladies and gentlemen: Remember Seymour Plow-Me-More? The multitalented, married dude who had a guy service him in a public steam room?

Well, it seems Seymour is back and finding himself in crazier situations than he's used to...

Like the possibility of love. Oh, jeez, can it get any more horrifying than that?

See, this A-list actor was once daringly handsome but has suddenly let age start to get the best of him. Although with the ups and downs in Seymour's life, we can imagine how some of his secrets have taken a toll on his dark features.

Well, it turns out Seymour's getting guy-on-guy frisky again...with a reporter, no less! (Guess Lloyd really started something last time he went hornin' all over a journalist, huh?)

Seymour's companion works for a mediocre outlet, but thanks to his famous partner, said journo just so happens to swoop all the exclusive stuff Seymour and his family have to offer.

Yes, S's wife knows what's going on. In fact, the whole Business knows what's going on. Even the movie studios that employ Plow-Me know about—and approve of—the boy baggage Seymour insists on carrying with him.

S has tried various methods to ungay himself, but the fact remains: He can't keep himself away from this par-tick tabloid type...and no one in this town seems to give a damn. Really?

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