Kate Gosselin, Kate Gosselin Wig

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The way we figure, there are two kinds of Kate Gosselin people: those who don't like her and those who dislike Jon Gosselin more.

This being the case, we are baffled by news that a Kate Gosselin wig is selling out in costume stores and threatening to take over Halloween 2009 with its cowlick gone crazy.

For the love of Octomom, what is wrong you people?

If you are wildly opposed to Kate Gosselin remaining in the spotlight, you are just encouraging her by—oh, how can we put this delicately?—DRESSING UP LIKE ONE OF HER LOYAL MINIONS. 

And if you are even mildly sympathetic to Kate's cause, you are not doing her any favors by donning a bird's nest that is an insult to bird's nests, and calling it a tribute.

We talked to Heather Siegel, owner of the online and offline retailer HalloweenMart, and she confirmed that while Halloween costumes can be done as homages (see: this year's Michael Jackson craze), most celebrity-themed ones are not.

"In general, I think anything that is celebrity-driven is usually to make fun of," Siegel said.

And a Kate Gosselin wig?

"Definitely to make fun of," Siegel laughed.

(For the record, there's no corresponding Jon Gosselin Halloween costume. At least not one the Halloween shops carry. "Maybe people can just go down to their Ed Hardy shop and buy a T-shirt," Siegel suggested.)

Just about now, we can hear the anti-Kate brigade chortling, "To ridicule! To mock! To totally make fun of! That's why we're dressing up as her!" Well, hear this: Kate Gosselin and all the rest of her family have been ridiculed, mocked and totally made fun of for almost a solid year now. And guess what, they haven't gone away. So either they don't care, or they're just being made stronger by all the attention. Not to mention all the trick-or-treat getups. (Go rent Halloween III if you are conspiracy-minded. Unlike us.)

So please step away from the Kate Gosselin wig. Ask the clerk if there are any David Letterman masks left. Try on a sequined glove, if you're so moved.

Just don't send mixed signals. Just don't wear the hair. And whatever you do, just don't go as one of the kids. (Jeez, Katie Couric...really?) 


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