Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alyson Hannigan, True Blood, Rutina Wesley, Vampire Diaries, Katerina Graham

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Every center-of-the-universe TV heroine needs a great best friend to keep her grounded, and the leading ladies of our three vampire shows are no exceptions. For that matter, these girls (don't call them sidekicks!) bring their own mojo to the party. Buffy's BFF Willow (Alyson Hannigan) on Buffy the Vampire Slayer turned out to be pretty much the most powerful witch evar, Elena's best friend Bonnie (Katerina Graham) on The Vampire Diaries has second sight, and Sookie's beloved Tara (Rutina Wesley) on True Blood is so saucy and snarky, it's almost a superpower. But which bestie is best? That's what we have Vampire Wars for, silly! So you can tell us!

And in today's Vampire Wars doubleheader, we're also asking you to choose the most essential helpless mortal young'un.

Jump inside to tell us which Zeppo you prefer: Sookie's libido-driven ditzy sibling, Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten), Elena's drug-addled baby bro, Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen) or simultaneously valiant and cowardly Sunnydale native Xander Harris (Nicholas Brendon)—Xander's not technically a little brother, but he sure does give off that vibe, doesn't he?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Nick Brendon, Vampire Diaries, Steven R. McQueen, True Blood, Ryan Kwanten

WB; Andrew Eccles / The CW; Steven Lippman / HBO

Vampire Wars Doubleheader
Who's the best best friend?
Who's the best Xander/wayward little brother?

So who did you pick and why? Tell us in the comments! And don't forget to vote in the other Vampire Wars categories. Polling is open until Halloween!


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