Adam Lambert, For Your Entertainment, Album Cover

We've always known subtlety isn't Adam Lambert's speciality.

The glamtastic former Idoler has unveiled the cover of his upcoming debut album, For Your Entertainment, due out Nov. 24, and if you're of the camp that thinks more is more, this artwork's for you.

From the blue shininess that does double duty as a hairy fedora and fingerless gloves to the hallucinatory, starry background, we figure Lambert had one of two things on his mind when he posed for this inarguably pretty picture:

"Look into my eyes and feel my music" or "Ha ha, look how dramatic I am!"

He told E! News last month that the folks at 19 Entertainment were being "completely supportive and collaborative" as they worked to facilitate his "artistic vision."

Well, without having heard the songs, we can't thank the producers yet, but hats off to their hair-and-makeup department.

Looking Into Adam Lambert's Eyes Poll
What do you think of the cover of For Your Entertainment?


Call us crazy, but something about this album makes us ask the question, Who's Cuter Without Makeup?

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