Penn Badgley, Lady Gaga, Leighton Meester

Giovanni Rufino / The CW

What a motley crew this is!

Look closely at the official snapshot of Lady Gaga on the set of Gossip Girl, and you'll see that she's fallen in with the likes of a shaggy lumberjack (hello, Penn Badgley) and what appears to be a Cockney English flower girl (Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf as Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle?)—or perhaps Leighton's just wearing a beret/snood and a light-absorbing black getup.

Seriously though, somewhere in the world, right this minute, a celebrity photo stylist is hyperventilating.

Gaga, seen here wearing a red sequined cocktail dress adorned with faux nipple tape, is set to perform one of her pop-hit songs on the Nov. 16 episode of Gossip Girl, entitled, "The Last Days of Disco Stick."

And you totally spotted the mini-me version of Gaga on last night's ep of Gossip Girl, right?


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