Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox

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"I didn't realize we were really good friends. I figured we were more like Chandler and Phoebe. They never really had stories together."
—Abed (Danny Pudi) to Annie (Alison Brie), NBC's Community

We know this much to be true: Any Friends rerun playing at 11:30 p.m. on channel 5 is still as good or better than most of the original episodes of TV airing on any given day.

Friends still rules, after all this time, which is why we're delighted that five years after the series went off the air, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow are reuniting onscreen!

ABC sources confirm that Kudrow is set to film an episode of Cox's hit freshman series, Cougar Town, later this month.

But who will Lisa play, and when will we see the episode onscreen? Here's what we can tell you...

According to Ms. Cox herself in TV Guide magazine, "If it all works out, she'll play a dermatologist that my character can't stop going to even though the doctor is mean to me...whatever it is [she does], she's the best in town at what she does and I become addicted."

Words that could apply equally well to Cox, Kudrow and their fellow Friendly brethren: Best in town and addictive. (Yay for this reunion!)

The Kudrow-Cox joint is expected to premiere in early 2010 on ABC.

Do you already love Cougar Town, or can you live without it until Kudrow comes by?


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