Mya and Dmitry Chaplin knew going into last night's Dancing With the Stars that they probably wouldn't be getting a perfect 30 for their jitterbug.

They correctly predicted that judge Len Goodman would have a problem with Mya's feather-dusting and Dmitry's sweeping at the start of their performance.

"We were like, 'Oh, well!' " Mya told me this morning during our weekly exclusive morning-after chat. "Last week they said we lacked character, so this week we gave them characters. It was, Let's do a little bit of acting for the audience and people at home."

That's not all I have for you from Ms. Mya. Read on to find out why Dmitry is in pain, what's it like meeting Michael Jackson's mother and why the group dance-off at the end of the show almost left Mya hurlin' her cookies.

You talk a lot about getting and wanting massages. How many have you had?
Nine, about once a week at least. I gave Dmitry a massage. I mean, not me personally, but my guy came a couple of times to rehearsal to massage him out. He's been lifting me a lot so he's been in a lot of pain.

Did you expect to make it this far?
I did, but these upcoming weeks are going to be very tough as the competition gets stiffer and slimmer. Double elimination is here already—tonight!

You nervous about tonight?
Heck yeah! That's why we want to keep pleasing the audience because it's their votes we need.

Why is La Toya Jackson there every week? Made sense for her to be there for the Michael Jackson tribute, but…
She interviews the contestants every week. She's doing some sort of hosting thing for a news channel. And I saw Katherine Jackson there last night again, too.

Did you get to meet her?
I got to meet her last week during the tribute. It was great, incredible. I almost cried. This is Michael Jackson's mom! This is the lady who gave birth to Michael Jackson!

What did you think of the dance-off at the end of the show?
It was so weird. We were right smack in the middle and there was a whirlwind of stuff happening all around us. It felt like I was on a carnival ride, when you see so many things happening around you and you try to zoom out to prevent yourself from throwing up.


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