It seems the new DirecTV commercial featuring Chris Farley has generated anger in spades. Or more specifically, at David Spade.

The company's latest spot, in which they—once again—splice together actual movie footage with one of the film's stars talking to the camera about the benefits of the satellite service, involves a scene from Farley and Spade's Tommy Boy.

While Farley's famous "fat-guy-in-a-little-coat" routine is certainly funny, many feel the use of it here is no laughing matter. 

Sure, we've seen dead people pop up in commercials before, but there are some who have taken issue with the fact that Spade himself is involved, giving the impression he sold out his late buddy for a few bucks.

Spade, however, doesn't see it that way...

"When DirecTV came to me and the Farley family with this idea about Tommy Boy, we talked and thought it would be a cool way to remind people just how funny Chris was," Spade tells Asylum via his publicist. "It is a clever homage to my friend and a movie that we loved doing."

As for DirecTV, their rep tells Asylym, "We should look to Chris' family and friends for the ultimate opinion on this subject. They were involved from the beginning of this project and felt that the spot was a great to tribute to Chris."

So what do you think? Is the commercial a tribute or totally tasteless?


Speaking of questionable behavior...

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