Spoiler Chat: Is There Any Hope for Glee's Puck and Rachel?

Get inside scoop on the musical hit's cult-fave couple. Plus, find out which dead dad is getting resurrected

By Kristin Dos Santos Oct 27, 2009 12:15 AMTags
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Move over, Brad and Angie. Hollywood has a new power couple!

They might be slightly less glamorous—he's a Mohawked jock; she's a Slurpee-covered geek—but they are currently E! Online readers' most-asked-about pairing.

We're talkin' bout Puck (Mark Salling) and Rachel (Lea Michele) of course (no, not the ones from The Real World: San Francisco), about whom you Glee fans are apparently obsessing after the latest episode. And how can we blame you? After all, he evoked the magical courtship powers of Neil Diamond! And they are pretty. Darn. Cute.

So is there any hope they'll become a real couple?

Read on for the scoop on that. Plus, stop the presses! We're hearing of a One Tree Hill life-or-death shocker on the way! And want to know which dead father is making a hugely surprising comeback? Is it Lost's Christian Shephard, Gossip Girl's Bart Bass, Supernatural's John Winchester or Dexter's Harry Morgan? Read on for the answer...

Pauline in Paris: I'm in love with Puck and Rachel from Glee! I never thought they would happen, but the last episode was beyond amazing. They have the most perfect chemistry! Please tell me there's more to come!

Sorry, there isn't any more Puck-Rachel stuff coming in the immediate future. The next ep of Glee, "Wheels," airs Nov. 11, and by the end of it, your shipper allegiance might swing back from Puck-Rachel to Puck-Quinn. (I know, scandal!) Puck steps up in amazing way to help his baby mama (Dianna Agron) when she needs money to pay for her ultrasound bill, and they even get thisclose to smooching, courtesy of a food fight. Puck even throws down with Finn (Cory Monteith), when he thinks Finn isn't doing enough to provide for the baby. Meanwhile, Jenna Ushkowitz, who plays Tina (and does not stutter in real life) tells us there's more Finn and Rachel on the way: "All I can say is Finn definitely has some major decisions to make, and Finn and Quinn aren't exactly on the best of terms. So you may see some more of that [between Finn and Rachel]."

Tina in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.: More Glee please!
The next episode also features some supercute romantic scenes between Artie (Kevin McHale) and Tina. By the way, between the Quinn-Puck scenes, the Artie-Tina scenes, some very surprising scenes featuring Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) and a storyline involving Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Kurt's dad, we dare you not to cry at least once during the next ep of Glee. It's that good and that heartbreaking.

Michelle in Galveston, Texas: How will the hospital change after Jennifer Morrison leaves House? I'm worried her absence will implode the team.
We just caught up with Lisa Edelstein, and she told us: "I think [Cameron's departure] will tighten up the team a little bit. There will be a loss of that character, which is a great character. It will continue on its merry way. We were all sad. I don't think she's gone for good. They say she's going to be coming and going." Yay for the coming back part! We certainly hope that is the case.

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Lilly in Oregon: So glad 30 Rock is back. It's totally awesome! Do you have any scoop?
In honor of Halloween, it's time to trot out that ol' 30 Rock-originated holiday standard, "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah," and mash it up with the werewolves sneak peek from New Moon. Seriously, if you haven't seen this yet, you must go watch. It is hilarious, and the perfect use of Tracy Morgan's masterpiece. And speaking of Twilight, did you spot the poster of Edward Cullen in Astor's room last night on Dexter? Awesome shout-out to Dexter exec producer cum Twilight screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg—not to mention exactly the right decor for any tween girl's bedroom.

ADL in N.J.: I can't believe Izzie left Alex on Grey's Anatomy! Will they get back together soon?
All we can promise is that Izzie will be back soon—Katherine Heigl is back on the set of Grey's Anatomy this week, along with Ellen Pompeo—but no promises about a full Alex-Izzie reunion. (I mean, if you were Alex, you'd be pretty pissed at Izzie right about now, wouldn't you? Hmmm, maybe Sarah Drew should move in for the kill?)

Suzi in Kent, Ohio: That new doctor with the green eyes on Grey's is so hot. Is he going to have a Seattle Grace romance any time soon?
Dr. "Beautiful Green Eyes" is still on the market, Jesse Williams himself dished exclusively to us. "Jackson's about working and just kind of being really effective and not being involved in the business of 'he said, she said' and backstories and stuff," the Grey's addition told us. "But who are we kidding here? It's Grey's Anatomy; I'm sure there is something around the corner. I'm just waiting to hear." Besides yourself, who do you want to see this hunk with?


Dere in Martin, Tenn.: Who was that new lawyer on The Good Wife? I have seen her in a few movies. She was outstanding. Is she coming back to be a regular? I hope so. After that episode I was officially hooked. This show keeps getting better. Makes me think of one of my favorite shows of all time, The Practice.
Patricia Nyholm, the new lawyer on The Good Wife, was played by the always-awesome Martha Plimpton (who also just starred on Grey's). We hear that The Good Wife's exec producers love both the character and Martha and definitely hope to bring her back down the line. 

Ashley in San Francisco: I know it's early, but do you have any news about 24? I miss Jack Bauer!
Did you see the awesome, brand-new season-eight trailers that were leaked online? It's so cute when Jack Bauer thinks he's gotten out, because they always suck him back in! Plus, Freddie Prinze Jr. has joined the cast of 24, which is just, well, amusing.

Lindsey M.: What's going on with 10 Things I Hate About You? Will it be back or is it over?
ABC Family renewed 10 Things (yay!), and it's probably coming back in early 2010, probably within a month of the Jan. 11 premieres of Make It or Break It and Secret Life of the American Teenager. As show runner Carter Covington told us this year, the back 10 episodes will include a lot of Patrick Verona (Ethan Peck) backstory and more of the love triangle between Bianca, Chastity and Joey.

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Rebecca: Spill it! Who's the dead father who's coming back? My money is on Christian Shephard of Lost!
Nope. It's actually Bart Bass of Gossip Girl. How crazytown is that?! A source tells me that Robert John Burke (the senior Basshole) will be returning to the show in December, just in time to make it a very special Gossip Girl Christmas. P.S. When I hinted that "two blondes will be atwitter" I was referring to Lily Rhodes van der Woodsen Bass Humphrey and Gossip Girl herself (Kristen Bell), who will certainly Twitter the news!—but of course Serena also would count. Whaddya think of that twist?

Margo in New York: Will Carter be back on Gossip Girl? I loved him with Serena! And is Georgina gone for good?
My friends at the CW tell me there are currently no plans to bring back Carter (boo!). And Michelle Trachtenberg is starring in that other show that's not Parks & Rec or Community and was just picked up by NBC (Mercy), so she's otherwise occupied at the moment. We took your question to her, and she answered: "Georgina has taken a little trip. She's gone off with who she thinks is a Russian prince. But as Georgina goes, you never see the end of her. She always comes back and torments."

Marcellus: How about something on One Tree Hill? Give us some love!
Someone on One Tree Hill is going to try to commit suicide.

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Agatha in Idaho: Vampire Diaries, please! Any good scoop?
Buffy is coming! OK, not exactly Buffy/Sarah Michelle Gellar (though now that her pilot has probably not been picked up, she should stop by), but I'm told that a vampire slayer will visit Mystic Falls. Clearly this doesn't bode well for Stefan.

Valerie in Michigan: Dexter and Rita's relationship problems are stressing me out. Please tell me they aren't going to break up!
As we first reported earlier this month, Dexter and Rita are in trouble, and they'll be going to couples counseling with Roma Maffia beginning next week. We asked Julie Benz herself if this means fans should be worried about Rita and Dexter's relationship over the long haul, and she told us, "Ummm...no. [Pause.] Maybe! I'm not gonna say." OK, we're going to cling to that original no until further notice.

Shannon in Phoenix, Ariz.: I know Adam Rodriguez is leaving/has left CSI: Miami. Was last week's episode his last?
Insiders tell us that you will definitely see Delko again on CSI: Miami, but the when remains a closely held secret, so you keep watching!

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Jess in Cortland, N.Y.: Now that the big Melrose Place murder mystery is kind of ruined, can you tell us anything about Heather Locklear's return to the show?
Heather is back on Melrose for the long haul, and her storyline is juicy. Plus, Sydney is sticking around! Jessica Lucas (Riley) tells us that after the not-so-big murder reveal, the show shifts to lots of Amanda Woodward and whatever it is she's hiding. "The back nine will be focusing on Heather. There is some kind of mystery there between her and Sydney, so Laura Leighton may be staying on in some form," says Jessica. As for the spoiled send-off, don't be too upset. Melrose's resident teacher says the reveal is still pretty amazing. "Episode 12 is the whole wrap of the murder mystery, so something really shocking happens in the pool. It ties in with the murder mystery, but it's something completely unexpected."

Trina in Houston: What about Jonah and Riley? With Colin Egglesfield leaving Melrose Place, will this couple make it?
Jessica Lucas tells us she isn't really sure: "The next couple of episodes are dealing with Riley and Jonah deciding whether or not they want to stay together and do they have enough of a strong foundation." And Jenna Dewan's feisty Kendra isn't making things any easier. "Kendra's another example of someone who really knows what she's talking about, and he has a strong connection to her, so she plays into their rough patch."

Jenna in Petaluma, Calif.: I can't believe they're getting rid of Auggie on Melrose Place! They should have gotten rid of stupid Jonah instead—he doesn't do anything, and he's a big loser!
Jonah (Michael Rady) is actually going to be doing well quite soon on Melrose Place. His movie is going into production, and Ella (Katie Cassidy) is even working to get a fictional version of Seth Rogen to take the lead role.

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Carrie in Seattle: If Kristen Bell is coming back to Party Down, does that mean Henry and Casey are done for good?
Not quite. Adam Scott (Henry) tells us hope is still alive for Party Down's will-they, won't-they couple: "There's still some potential there. They kind of pretend they don't love each other, but Henry's totally in love with Casey (Lizzy Caplan), pretending he doesn't care." Squee!

Matt in Ramona, Calif.: Thanks for spilling the news about Kristen Bell and Jane Lynch returning to Party Down! Are there any other guest stars to look forward to?
So many! First, Steve Guttenberg was filming scenes as himself when we recently stopped by the Party Down set—and yes, before you ask, we did make a joke about Veronica Mars genius Rob Thomas having a bit of a man crush on the Gutt (hey, who doesn't?). Steve invites the P.D. crew to hang at his pad after he forgets to cancel a catering gig he had booked. Christopher Mintz-Plasse of Superbad fame (McLovin'!) is in the ep, too, and Adam Scott tells us things get pretty steamy. "We shot a scene in a hot tub, and I've got McLovin to my left, Megan Mullally to the left of him and Steve Guttenberg over there. It's like pop culture soup."

Penelope in York, Pa.: Is Ashley Magnus really dead on Sanctuary?
Sources confirm that yes, Ashley Magnus really died on Syfy's Sanctuary, and that Emilie Ullerup has left the cast of the show. Are you guys bummed to hear that, or are you OK with the change?

Prashant Gupta / FX

Lina in New York: Any more hints on the brutal Sons of Anarchy death? We're dying to know out here!
When we said that the brutal death on Sons of Anarchy was not a man in uniform, most of you assumed that only eliminated Hale, Uncer and Trammell, but if you think about it, those MC cuts sure are a lot like uniforms. You can take everyone in a motorcycle gang out of the death pool, and we'll throw in Johnny Lewis' Prospect/Half-Sack as a bonus elimination. Tell us in the comments if you've figured out who that leaves in danger.

Gil in Phoenix: Am I sensing a Chloe-Oliver pairing on Smallville?
No. My Smallville source says that's not in the cards. Source also says: "The two-part Justice Society episode is going to make Superman fans, no actually comic book fans. LOSE. THEIR. S--T." You have been warned.

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin, Megan Masters, Becky Bain, Brett Malec and Kirstin Benson


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