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I heard this really stupid tidbit, that in an effort to save the environment, Jennifer Aniston takes a three-minute shower in which she also brushes her teeth. Is this even possible? What other stupid things to celebs do to be "green"?
—Janine, via Facebook

What other? Hmmm. Selena Gomez recently announced that her yet-to-debut clothing line will be as green as can be. That may not fall under the category of "crazy," but by law anything that Gomez does is certifiably adorable.

If you're looking for celebrities closer to just plain certifiable, sure, I have some examples, including a rock icon who sells renewable grocery bags—at his concerts...

... and that would be Bob Dylan.

"Eco-friendly cloth Bob Dylan grocery bags were available from the merchandise booth," the Las Vegas Sun reported after a recent concert. "Talk about progressive—and in seasonal colors, too: green or orange."

Indeed, the Aniston tidbit you mentioned is true as well.

"I take a three-minute shower," she told Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas Kostigen, authors of The Green Book. She even brushes her teeth while she's in there. "Every two minutes in the shower uses as much water as a person in Africa uses for everything in their life for a whole day!"

I know, right?

Some more tidbits:

  • Adrian Grenier has lived in an apartment insulated with old pants.
  • Vegetarian and planetary crusader Tobey Maguire reportedly has banned all leather products from his house. Per a breathless article in Seventeen, he also "makes everyone take off their leather belts and shoes and leave them by the door!"
  • Also per Seventeen, Leo DiCaprio "stays green at home, too—with his $3,200 eco-friendly toilet!"

As for me, well, um, don't print out this column. Consider the trees.


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