NBC Picks Up Community, Parks & Recreation and Mercy

The Peacock hands out full-season "back nine" orders to all three series

By Jennifer Godwin, Megan Masters Oct 23, 2009 9:43 PMTags
Michelle Trachtenberg, Mercy, Joel McHale, Community, Amy Poehler, Parks and RecreationNBC Photo: Andrew Eccles; NBC Photo: Paul Drinkwater; NBC Photo: Paul Drinkwater

Good news, Thursday-night comedy fans!

NBC has just announced that Joel McHale's Community, Amy Poehler's Parks and Recreation, and Wednesday-night medical-drama Mercy have been picked up for full seasons. The network ordered the "back nine" episodes for all three series, bringing their episode totals to 22 each.

Mercy pulls about 8 million viewers a week overall, Community leads off NBC's legendary Thursday-night comedy block with an average of 6 million viewers a week, and Parks and Recreation brings in about 5 million viewers.

We're delighted for the casts and crews of all these series, but especially the comedies, and especially Community, which stars our very own The Soup host. We caught up with the cast recently, and they spilled about what happens on set when the cameras are off and what's to come onscreen...

Why the extravaganza? Annie needs to impress her future lovah, Troy. "It's more of a one-sided romance. Annie had a thing for Troy (Donald Glover) in high school, and that's carried over. They have a chance to discover a friendship, but Annie would like it to be more." For what it's worth, Donald is on board with a Troy-Annie romance: "It would be great to have him have a love interest!"

And what about besties Troy and Abed (Danny Pudi)? How did they fall in love? Danny tells us it was just an organic progression, saying, "They paired me with Donald, and it's one of those dynamics where you're like, 'Holy cow, this is hilarious!' We play off each other really well." Do they ever!

If you still aren't hopelessly devoted to the future of these Greendale Community College undergrads, we just don't know what to do with you. Will you tune in next week to see more Community hijinks? Any future pairings you're hoping to see? Sound off below.


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