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Score one for the vampire people! (And the incredibly good-looking West Hollywood-living people?)

CW just picked up a full season of the breakout freshman hit The Vampire Diaries, and the network has also ordered five more episodes of Melrose Place.

Why did Vampire Diaries get a full season while Melrose Place didn't? Here's what we're hearing...

Diaries has been an unqualified hit for the CW—it's easily the network's top show. Melrose's ratings, meanwhile, are just marginally ahead of already canceled The Beautiful Life. In fact, a repeat of the canceled CW series The Game that aired on BET the other night beat out an original episode of Melrose Place. Sad but true.

So why keep Melrose on at all? Well, Melrose comes with endless publicity in the form of returning original MP stars like, oh, Heather Locklear, and insiders remain enthusiastic about the production quality and big upcoming storylines like a major character death and backstory reveals for fan faves like Katie Cassidy's Ella.

Now, help us answer a not-so-burning question: Which middle-of-the-road Melrose Place character is most expendable? We're pondering this upcoming character death, and we're trying to figure out who you could stand to lose. Katie Cassidy's Ella Sims is excluded, because she's clearly the show's breakout star, and Ashlee Simpson-wentz's Violet is also off the list, because she's extremely crazy and no one likes her, but between the other regulars, Michael Rady, Jessica Lucas, Stephanie Jacobsen, Shaun Sipos and Colin Egglesfield, who should be safe, and who is a good candidate for a highly promotable sweeps-month killing-off?

Melrose Place: Who Do You Love?
Ella and Violet are clearly the best and worst, but which Melrose Place denizen do you like most in between those two extremes?

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