Kristen Bell and Jane Lynch Will Return to Party Down

Get our exclusive scoop about season two of the critically acclaimed Starz comedy

By Jennifer Cady, Megan Masters Oct 22, 2009 8:48 PMTags
Party Down, Kristen Bell, Jane LynchColleen E. Hayes/Starz; Ron Batzdorff/Starz

Ain't no party like a Party Down party!

Kristen Bell knows it. So does Jane Lynch. Which is why, even though they're kind of a big deal now (news flash: K.Bell on the big screen and J.Lynch on Fox's Glee), we can tell you exclusively that both boldass blondes will be coming back to Starz's thoroughly entertaining comedy Party Down.

Turns out Kristen is going to be canoodling with Party Down's leading man, Adam Scott, which begs the question: What about his first-season flame Casey, aka Lizzy Caplan of True Blood? And does this mean Kristen is sticking around for good?

We infiltrated the Party Down set for exclusive scoop on the new season...

After her quick stint as lovable/hateable bitch Uda Bengt on the Party Down finale in May, Kristen Bell (we love you long time Miss Veronica Mars) will be returning midseason. Star Adam Scott spilled the deets on what K.B.'s up to this time around, and it turns out we aren't the only ones smitten by K.B. "I'm dating Kristen's character and Casey (Lizzy Caplan) is dating some other dude." Scandalous!

Henry and Uda are together from the premiere on, but since K.Bell is only signed on for one ep, most of their Holocaust-movie-free date nights will be offscreen.

As for Jane Lynch, don't tell the Cheerios but Glee's Sue Sylvester is taking off the tracksuit and checking back in as Party Down's Constance for the season two finale. And no one is more excited than costar Ryan Hansen.


"Jane's coming back. That's my twin! I love her so much," gushes K.Bell's real-life bestie. (And Ryan calling Jane his twin might be our favorite quote of the day.)

Just don't expect any animosity between Constance and her Party Down catering crew replacement, Lydia, played by Will & Grace star Megan Mullally. See, Constance hasn't come back for her job—she's actually getting hitched, and we see her again on the big day.

"If it's a wedding and we're all there, I'm assuming we're catering," Adam teases. And Ryan adds, "I'm very excited because it's her wedding and my character Kyle's band is playing at the wedding."

Hmmm…Maybe Matthew Morrison and the Glee kids could sing a little "Thong Song/I Could Have Danced All Night" mash-up?

Kristen Bell's in love, Jane Lynch is getting married and it's all happening on one of our favorite TV comedies. Darn, why do we have to wait six months for such awesomeness? TV can be so cruel.

Are you excited to see K.B. back on the small screen? Who do you think is marrying Jane? Sound off below.


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