Kate Hudson

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Kate Hudson, batting her flirty li'l eyelashes with a table full of men at Teddy's in Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel.

A-Rod was mysteriously AWOL for the evening, leaving Kate, in a black minidress, to get her flirt on with every last dude sitting at her über-private table, tucked way in the back.

"She loves to touch men on the shoulder when she speaks to them," says our source. "You can tell she is a natural flirt and loves the attention. She has a strong sexual current. Her charm is infectious, and you could tell the men around her were intrigued."

Kate also managed to squeeze in a happy hello to Leonardo DiCaprio, who was seated across from her. But neither Kate nor Leo said a word to Teddy's regular Lindsay Lohan, partying five feet away from them all night.

Way to give the cold shoulder, babes—but it's prolly for the best you didn't encourage her bad behavior with any niceties. She might get the idea she's doing something right!

Another totally doable honey out celebrating with a big, ritzy group was...

Kim Kardashian, hanging at TAO Asian Bistro and Nightclub in Las Vegas. Though today's her real B-day—happy birthday, doll!—Kimmy K. had an early bash with mom Kris Jenner, sister Kourtney, Kourt's baby daddy, Scott Disick and brother Robert. The whole Kardashian clan was holed up in one of the sweetest suites at the Venetian: 8,000 square feet with its own karaoke/media room and massage room. (What recession?)

Non-family member Ciara was one of the guests at K2's birthday splash, and she and Kim yakked about Kim's fragrance launch. Looks like Ciara gave Kim a giant bucket of attention for her B-day—that's the best gift a H'wood babe can get!

One stunning celeb getting in the mood for celebrations later this month was...

Brooke Shields, Halloween shopping with her daughter Rowan on Astor Place in New York. Brooke was wearing a sleek, tan trench and looked absolutely fab, but we're more excited to see her all dressed up in her purchased costume: a totally cheese-ball disco girl getup.

Our shopping set of eyes couldn't tell if it was adult-size or for her daughter, but we can't wait to find out if Brooke goes '70s retro for Halloween. Sure is a sexier costume than dressing up like Kate Gosselin.

—Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder and Juli Deveau


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