Gossip Girl: WTF? Are Chuck and Blair Already Over?

Get exclusive scoop on where TV's sexiest power couple is headed

By Kristin Dos Santos Oct 20, 2009 7:14 PMTags
Ed Westwick, Leighton MeesterJames Devaney/Getty Images

Simmer down, puppies!

We're getting a flurry of emails this morning from distraught Gossip Girl fans who are freaking out after last night's episode.

Could Chuck and Blair really be headed for gloom and doom?

Could their long-awaited romance be over so soon after it started?

And if so, when and where should we start rioting in the streets?

We have the exclusive scoop for you...


According to my rock-solid sources at the CW, despite last night's shaky ending and the promo for next week (above), Blair and Chuck are not breaking up any time soon.

"The are far from over," one insider tells me. "I don't see them breaking up this season at all."

You heard that, right? Not breaking up this season at all. Which means we can move on to other topics, like Nate and Serena...


According to insiders, there's definitely something between N and S in the works. However, looky-loos in NYC tell us Blake Lively (Serena) was filming with another high-society cutie all day yesterday at the Empire Hotel: Aaron Tveit, who plays Nate's cousin Tripp Archibald.

"Serena and Tripp run into each other at the elevator of Chuck's Empire Hotel and take the elevator together," the onlooker tells us.

This can't be another love triangle...right?

Which Gossip Girl couple are you rooting for? Do you like the idea of Nate and Serena? Comment away...


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