George Clooney's New GF Does Maxim, But Is She Last Month's News?

Elisabetta Canalis strips down for Maxim, but how long will her relationship with notorious bachelor George last?

By Cristina Gibson Oct 20, 2009 6:10 PMTags
Elisabetta Canalis, MaximMaxim

In case you haven't seen Elisabetta Canalis on the arm of George Clooney at the film fests in Venice or London, now you can check her out in all her buff-body glory in this month's Maxim.

Of course, racy pics are nothing new for this Italian TV presenter...she's already posed for (NSFW) naked pics before.

And while we admit she looks great in the four-page spread, we have to wonder if her relationship with George is bound to go the way of those of Krista Allen, Lisa Snowdon, Celine Balitran...well, you get the idea.

Remember Sarah Larson...

She was the Vegas cocktail waitress turned Clooney girlfriend?

She was plucked from her job serving drinks in Sin City and soon was accompanying George on romantic motorcycle rides and even on the red carpet at the 2008 Globes.

But that all ended when the two went their separate ways after a year of dating.

George went back to partying with Brad Pitt and Sarah headed back to Vegas to try her luck elsewhere.

Is Eli headed for the same fate come next summer? A year seems to be George's past-due date for a lot of his romantic relationships.

Maybe, maybe not.

According to her Christmas in New York costar Alessandro Siana, Clooney has been pursuing Canalis since 2006.

Either she really played hard to get (she must be a Rules girl), or they've managed to keep their amore under wraps for a really long time.


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